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We have developed this super short survey to hear from you. Complete our survey and WIN a FREE GIFT as our way of saying "Thanks". Just click on the link above and let us know your valuable feedback.

Why Do We Need Your Feedback?

Dear customer, your feedback provides extremely valuable insight for us! We strive to satisfy all our customers now and in the future in order to gain a positive reputation and more loyal customers.

This feedback directly influences what changes we should make in the future and what aspects we need to highlight more. Improving customer service is the main reason to collect customer feedback. Offering an amazing experience, PartsAvatar engages customers to come back and invite their friends to buy auto parts, this is the best way for us to stand out from the competition.

Moreover, in order to build strong and long relationships with our customers, we need to develop effective brand-to-customer communication. Thus, our team believes that the regular customer surveying enables us to identify any problems that are emerging that could compromise the experience that we deliver to our clients, and also fill the gaps of how customers purchase and use our car products and services. This feedback is invaluable to us to make you happy!

How Do We Use Your Feedback?

Consumer tastes and trends are changing very fast. Mailing surveys out in letter formats, offers advantages over the more time-consuming phone or face-to-face surveys. One of the key benefits to mailing surveys is allowing customers being surveyed the chance to think about their responses and make suggestions for the auto body parts delivery and  company improvements.

A customer satisfaction survey provides us with the statistical data we require for analysing our stated objectives. First, we read all you answers! Each feedback matters! Based on your opinion, we have an ability to analyze our strengths and weaknesses, build new steps for better service and find out the best way to measure customer satisfaction. Second, NPS (Net Promoter Score) is key measure of your customers’ overall perception of PartsAvatar. Basically, NPS provides the best anchor for your customer experience management.

How We Keep Our Customers Happy

We want every single customer to be heard. Therefore, PartsAvatar team consistently listen to the voice of our clients in order to learn more about what our customers like and don't like. Customers opinion about the experience with PartsAvatar, help us ensure that the end product is actually meet their expectations, solve problems and fulfill auto parts needs.

PartsAvatar strives to exceed customer expectations and provide you better value than everyone else. It makes sense to retain customers, listen to their voices and build a loyal relationship with them so that not only do they return to purchase from us, but they become advocates of PartsAvatar.

Do Not Miss Your Chance To Self-Select Your Interests!

PartsAvatar focuses on providing the best auto body parts and customer experience at every touchpoint clients will stay loyal to what we do. By taking PartsAvatar customer Survey our customers can give us a brief idea of their needs and wants. Additionally, online survey identifies the customer’s level of satisfaction with an existing product and service that PartsAvatar provides. It is also an outlet for the clients to express their opinions, share insights, ideas and voice out their expectations for PartsAvatar.

Your opinion motivates us! We want to stay in touch with our customers for a long-term relationships. Therefore, our team use all customer responses in order to adjust our service to fit client’s needs more accurately than ever.

So, What’s Exciting About It?

We do not want to leave our customers with nothing. Regular and loyal clients are worth rewarding! PartsAvatar develops its loyalty program to show the customers our appreciation and respect for being loyal and active. In gratitude, we prepared a surprise for you.