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The chassis is the main vehicle frame of your car on which the body is mounted. All other parts of the car’s body such as the top frame, seat frames, drivetrain and suspension parts are fixed on it. Although the chassis is neither flashy nor visible, it is an indispensable part of your vehicle without which it cannot function. In the event your vehicle is damaged due to a collision critical systems like the drivetrain and suspension will not be able to operate properly. When looking for replacements you will have to be very cautious and try for genuine replacement parts. Even the slightest of dimensional issues can create fitting and alignment issues. Some hardware kits include frame parts like subframes, crossmembers, rails and pillars along with other items like braces, brackets, mounts, bushings, body plugs, ground straps, helical spring and chassis hardware.

Are you having problems with your steering wheel? Problems with your steering wheel can interfere with your driving and safety. The steering wheel is the crucial link between you and the car and enables you to turn the wheels of the vehicle in the direction that you want. Earlier vehicles had heavy steering wheels making it difficult to drive. Today most cars have a power steering system that is hydraulic-based and operated by a power steering pump that helps wheels to turn with much less effort. This system circulates pressurized working fluid, power steering fluid, to the steering rack. If your car does not respond to your steering or swerves to one side and shows signs of wearing out of tires, you will need to check if the rack and pinion steering system is functioning well. Other parts to check are the control arm, pitman arm, steering column, tie rod ends, struts, strut mounts, sway bar and sway bar link which gives the chassis stability.

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Knowing the importance of the chassis to a vehicle you do not want to ignore any signs of wear and tear. In order to keep your vehicle in good condition you need to regularly check on the condition of all the joints of your suspension system. With the exception of the steering swivel joints, most joints and pivots in a modern vehicle are made of rubber or plastic bushes. If any of these lower ball joints are damaged you will have to replace them. So also if any of the rubber bushes are cracked or distorted they will need replacement. Check around the motor mounts and see if there are any signs of rust or damage. Examine the front and rear suspension to ensure that all parts like motor mounts, swivels and steering links, coil spring, stabilizer link and shift boot are intact and sound.

Are you keen to take your vehicle’s performance to the next level? You have a wide choice of excellent performance parts to meet your needs. A number of kits and upgrades are available from advanced steering conversions like performance steering columns and shafts to performance power steering lines and power steering hoses to smaller parts. You will need to check the performance of all the different components in your steering system like the steering knuckle, inner tie rod, lower control arm and quick struts to ensure they are in good working condition. For example, shocks and struts absorb the bumps and irregularities on the road. Strut mounts help to reduce vibration, road noise and provide you a smooth steering response. The steering knuckle holds the front wheel of the car and lets you change direction.

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We stock products from a range of popular brands and manufacturers. Prominent brands for vehicle chassis, frames and chassis parts are: Buschwacker, Mr. Gasket, Felpro, Moog, Monroe, KYB and Mevotech. All these brands offer high quality products. Mr. Gasket and Felpro brands are known for gaskets Munroe for quick strut and Moog for ball joint. KYB offers strut plus while Mevotech offers control arm.

We stock original and good quality steering wheel components drawn from a range of reputed brands and manufacturers. Prominent brands for steering wheel and its accessories are: Buschwacker, Mr. Gasket, Felpro, Moog, Monroe, KYB and Mevotech. Mr. Gasket and Felpro brands are known for gaskets, Munroe for quick strut and Moog for ball joint. KYB offers strut plus, Mevotech offers control arm and steering pump while Edelmann offers Power steering parts.