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Indicators or turn signals are blinking lamps mounted on the left and right front and rear corners of your vehicle. These signal lights or marker lights are known as front side marker or rear turn signal based on their location. In some cars they are also found on the sides of the vehicle and are known as fender signal lights. They are used to indicate when the driver wishes to turn the car to left or right sides or to indicate his desire to change lanes. Although not mandatory in the US and Canada, many countries insist that vehicles must have side-mounted signal indicators or side marker lights to make it visible laterally rather than just to the front and rear of the cars.

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Have you ever driven your car with damaged or dysfunctional lights? Whether it is your head lights, tail lights, side lights or parking lights, they are all important for your safety. Never risk driving with dysfunctional lights as you will be jeopardizing your own life and the lives of all passengers in the car. Do not get carried away by the high cost of replacement lights and compromise on safety because your safety is essential at all times. Corner lights, mile marker hubs, bumper lights, signal lamps or custom signal lights and signal assembly are all easily replaceable.

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Whether you drive a car or a truck in the dark, automotive lights are crucial for all vehicles. A car headlight, headlamp and tail light are as important to a car as a truck headlight, truck headlamp and tail light to a truck. When looking for replacement parts for automotive lighting you need to go for the best brands. Popular manufacturers of automotive lights such as headlights, tail lights, signal lights and side markers include General Electric, Hella, Dorman, Blue Streak and Littelfuse.