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If you are browsing for replacement parts for your Saturn car, body parts, spare parts for lighting, or interior or exterior accessories, you've come to the right site. We sell North American aftermarket parts at Parts Avatar that are custom made to suit your Saturn. These substitute the identical fit of Saturn OEM parts, and are often lower in cost and much better in quality than the original Saturn OE parts. Saturn automotive goods of all kinds can be found on our website. Popular parts such as brakes, rotors, suspension and Saturn filters are always available on stock for your Saturn. Our website is accessible 24/7 for convenience shopping, please feel free to order Saturn parts at any time, day or night.

About Timing Parts & Kits

An engine is made up of different parts and they have to function together in coordination with each other. Each part has to work in tandem with other parts to ensure the proper functioning of the engine. This aspect is known as timing. Engine timing is also known as ignition timing, and it is very essential to run and start a vehicle. A correct timing allows the engine to start by providing the air-fuel mixture and the spark at the right time. If the engine timing is wrong, i.e. if the timing is too slow or fast, the engine will feel sluggish and won't function properly. A proper engine timing is achieved with the help of timing parts. These timing parts are designed and assembled in a precise order to ensure all parts function efficiently by achieving proper engine timing.

Several parts in an engine are in charge of the engine timing like crankshaft, distributor, timing belt, pushrods, spark plug, tappets, intake valves, belts, pistons, timing sensors, timing chain, tensioner bolt, etc. A timing belt is used for connecting the crankshaft to the camshaft and is responsible for opening and closing the valves. A broken or loose timing belt or chain can cause serious damage to the engine. To ensure that the belt doesn't become loose, a belt tensioner is used. This tensioner adjuster is used to eliminate any slack that is generated in the belt to maintain optimum toughness. This is done with the help of a tensioner bolt. Timing covers are used to cover the timing chain and belts to keep them safe from any damage. Other timing parts and kits like timing sensor, engine timing tapes, tensioner assembly, module selector switch, etc should be regularly checked for wear and must be replaced if damaged to maintain proper ignition timing of your engine.