ZETA WINTER tire mounted on steel wheel (205/60R16) - FREE Mounting & Balancing

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Product Information


Zeta Antarctica 5

Zeta Antarctica 5 is a high-performance winter tire. Its V-shaped tread design with wide longitudinal grooves slush the water away from the tire’s tread. This decreases the chances of hydroplaning and enhances the cornering performance on wet surfaces. Highly dense siping enlarge contact area that provides excellent grip and traction for the vehicle. The wide special compounding shoulder blocks improve cornering stability and provides comfortable driving at high speeds.

Features & Benefits

  • V-type directional tread pattern with large longitudinal grooves decreases the chances of hydroplaning
  • The offset blocks reduce noise during driving
  • Broad shoulder blocks provide cornering strength and comfortable driving at a high speed


The ideal replacement for stock steel wheels and people looking for an affordable yet durable wheel with a premium finish is RNB wheels. RNB wheels are designed by a Canadian company with more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. These wheels come with a Black E-Coating finish that gives them a premium appearance with added corrosion resistance. Steel wheels are a great choice for winter or spare tires and can also be used on project cars without breaking the bank. These RNB steel wheels come with corrosion-resistant coatings that assure long service life in varied Canadian weather. The replacement process is hassle-free as they are compatible with stock or aftermarket lug nuts and fit the most popular brand wheel hubs. RNB wheels follow a strict manufacturing process that ensures long-lasting and reliable performance. They are also SAE and DOT approved ensuring safety on our tough roads.

Features & Benefits

  • RNB steel wheels are an affordable and durable choice
  • RNB steel wheels come in a premium black e-coating finish that provides corrosion resistance
  • Steel wheels are suitable for use on heavy-duty vehicles
  • In case of damages, steel wheels are easy to repair unlike alloy wheels
  • Steel wheels are the perfect choice for winter tires and stock replacement wheels
  • The higher weight of steel wheels increases traction in winter months making them ideal for winter use

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