Remanufactured Wiper Motor

The electric wiper motor is a permanent magnet, rotary electric motor. A worn gear machined on the armature shafts drives the output shafts and gear through an idler gear and shaft. The output shaft operates the output arm, which is connected to the wiper linkage. as the electric motor revolves the output arm, the linkage is forced to move in a back and forth motion. the speed of the electric motor is controlled by resistors, located on or in the control switch, and connected to the wiper motor electrical windings. the control switch directs the current through certain circuits of the wiper motor, as the driver desires.

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Blade by Anco

Specialty Blade

Reliable Wiper Performance(tm)
Specialty blade designed for use on the rear of the vehicle that uses exclusive designs and materials to ensure clear windshields and safe visibility in any driving condition.
* Durable rubber element provides a consistent clear wipe
* Fast and easy installation - no extra connector required
* Specialty blade designed for use on the rear of the vehicle
* Original Equipment replacement rear wiper blade
* Available in 9 arm connector types
Available sizes: 11", 12", 13", 14", 15" and 16" lengths

Hybrid Blade

The New Look of Performance(tm)
Latest technology in wiper blades - integrates the aerodynamic features of a beam style wiper with the evenly distributed pressure points of a conventional structure for exceptional wipe performance. ANCO Transform(tm) is a replacement blade for vehicles that came equipped with hybrid technology or an upgrade for vehicles that utilize a J hook design. Featuring our proprietary KwikConnect(r) Installation System, Transform provides quick and easy wiper replacement.
* Provides quick and easy wiper blade replacement
* Element formulation delivers a streak-free wipe
* Advanced design optimizes wipe performance
Available sizes: 14"- 28" lengths

Beam Blade

Premium All Season Performance(tm)
Utilizing advanced technology for all season performance - Contour(r) premium beam blades have an infinite amount of pressure points for better blade-to-windshield contact. Designed with a low pro?le to be more aerodynamic, beam blades prevent lift and noise for a smoother quieter wipe and, since beam blades have less moving parts and no superstructure, ice and snow can't adhere to them. ANCO's beam blades feature patented Articulated Contact(tm) Technology, which permits unrestricted flexing for more uniform pressure distribution and improved conformance to today's curved windshields. Contour is available in a version that provides out-of-the-box ?tment if your vehicle came equipped with beam technology, a version with our proprietary KwikConnect(r) Installation System to upgrade your vehicle if it was originally equipped with a conventional wiper blade and a new narrow version designed to cover the 19mm bayonet and 19mm side pin applications that are popular on many late model European vehicles.
* Exclusive, advanced rubber compound provides a consistent streak-free wipe
* Unique spoiler provides superior blade-to-windshield contact
* Provides quick and easy wiper blade replacement
Available sizes: 14"- 28" lengths
Conventional Blade
Reliable Wiper Performance(tm)
31-Series affordable wiper blades replaces original equipment with a quality that matches the style, ?t and performance of the blade that was originally removed from the vehicle. ANCO(r) Conventional blades are equipped with our proprietary KwikConnect(r) Installation System for quick and easy wiper replacement.
* Exclusive rubber compound provides a consistent, streak-free wipe
* Provides quick and easy wiper blade replacement
Available sizes: 10"- 28" lengths