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Most of us are owners of cars. But owning a car is not enough. Apart from driving or owning a car it is highly essential to know about the different parts of the car. Without knowledge of the cars, it is nearly impossible to maintain the car. In order to maintain the car, you must know the different internal and external parts of the car. From among the different external parts, the quarter panel plays a very significant role in the appearance of the car. The quarter panel occupies most of the rear part of the car. The boot or the trunk walls of the car is made up of panels of sheet metal or carbon fiber or fiber-reinforced plastic. The rear quarter panels play a very significant role of maintaining the looks of the car. But it is not just the looks. The rear quarter panel plays quite a few other significant roles.

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The rear quarter panel of the car has a very important role of showing the world how much a person loves his car. Any type of dent or scratch on the rear quarter panel of the car is undesirable. In case of any type of deformity on the rear quarter panel, it is required to remove the dent so that the car looks good. Moreover a spotless car body helps to maintain the social image of the person. With the additionally people customize the cars in order to improve the performance and the safety of the car. Aftermarket quarter panels are installed in order to the cars in order to make the car light or improve the balance of the car. With the help of the aftermarket replacement quarter panel, the owner will be able to make the car perform according to his needs because the quarter panel plays a major role in the aerodynamics of the car.

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Since you are aware of the rear quarter panel of the car, you must also understand its role in the performance of the car. When a car moves, it goes through the air. The air causes a drag force when it moves against the body of the car. The drag force acts as a reverse force that reduces the performance of the car. So it becomes necessary to design the car in such a way that the drag force is minimal. This special design is termed as making the car aerodynamically ideal. In the process of making the car aerodynamically ideal, the rear quarter panel plays a very important role. The streamline design of the car helps the car to cut through the opposing air. So it is very essential to make the car design streamline in nature. This will help the car to move faster and perform better. It will also help to improve the mileage.

In order to make the make the car streamline in design, the rear quarter panel plays a very significant role. When the car moves, the rear quarter panel is the last part of the car that stays in contact with the air. If the rear quarter panel is not designed in a proper manner, the aerodynamics of the vehicle gets compromised. As a result the performance of the car deteriorates. Additionally the rear quarter panel is plays a significant role in the protection of the vehicle. It gives additional strength to the vehicle. In case of collision from the rear part of the car, the rear quarter panel helps to prevent major damage to the passengers and the vehicle itself. Moreover it also serves as the boot space of the car.