Fall Car Care Checklist

Whether you are looking forward to eating those delicious pumpkin pies or dreading the cold weather, you cannot just ignore the fact that “Fall Is Here”. As you get ready to face the winter with jackets and boots, don’t forget that your car has to be ready too, to face the winter season. The fall is the best season to perform a maintenance task as the vehicle recovers from the heat of the summer and gears up for the winter. In Canada, winter is extreme. So it is best to plan ahead and keep the vehicle in good shape. Need some help? Here’s a simple Fall Car Care Checklist to follow. 

Fog Lights

Visibility is more important specifically during the winter season as the days will be shorter and nights will be shorter. As you drive through harsh snow or winter, you must be able to see and be seen. Ensure that each of the exterior lights works properly. Dim fog lights are an indication that the fog light needs replacement.


Windshield Wipers

The usage of windshield wipers will be more, especially during the fall and winter season. Hence they have to be in proper working condition. You will know as to when you need new ones. If there is streaking left behind, or weird noises by the wipers is a sign that you will have to replace them. 

Heater Core And Valves

The heater core and valves may stop working during the winter season. So, as you check your radiator, see if there is coolant around the heater valves. They may be leaky or there must be a crack in the valves. Replace the cracked heater core valves as soon as possible. Also, you will have to clean the ducts of debris and dust particles.

Battery Parts

The cold weather can sometimes be harsh on the battery. There are chances that the battery fluid may evaporate. This will cause the battery to be dead. Dim light or weird noise from the vehicle during engine start is a sign of dead battery.


Avoiding your brakes? They can be dangerous, especially during the winter season. Avoiding brake repairs can, in turn, damage the calipers which will be expensive to repair.

Engine Gaskets & Seals

During colder temperatures, the engine will maintain the cooling system at a constant operating temperature. As a result, the cooling systems, as well as the engine gaskets, will start leaking. Too much oil contamination can also cause the head gaskets to fail. It is always best to get them checked and replace the engine gaskets if faulty.