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We have no doubt about the important role of car headlights, side markers and tail lights while driving on the road as without them the vehicle could very well end up in a collision. These lights enable you to view the illuminated road ahead and also help others on the road to know that a vehicle is approaching. But for these lights your vehicle may not be safe. Similarly, though not so critical, are some exterior lights and few interior lights. For example, you have the trunk light, the license plate light, the parking light, the instrument light, the glove box light, the roof marker light, the under hood light, the circuit breaker and the tail light socket all of which serve a useful purpose.

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We all know the importance of car lights in the dark, whether they are on the exterior or interior of our vehicles. Exterior lights are perhaps more critical than the interior ones as they safeguard your vehicle by increasing its visibility to the others driving on the road. These include the flasher, license plate light mount, tail light socket replacement, turn signal socket replacement, 1157 bulb socket, 90 degree light bulb socket and the parking lights. The interior lights are also important but they are more functional for the driver and passengers. Interior lighting parts include the spark plug socket and the glove box light. Passengers might be more particular about the glove box light inside the cabin.

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When purchasing replacements for other lighting parts make sure you know the different types of lighting parts and brands available in the market. A whole host of brands manufacture automotive lights such as car headlights, headlamps, truck headlights, headlamps and tail lights. Popular brands include General Electric, Hella, Dorman, Blue Streak and Littelfuse. Many of them also manufacture other lighting parts that include parking lights, circuit breakers, bulb sockets and spark plug sockets.