Custom Fit Ignition Wire Set by MSD IGNITION - 32733

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High Performance
  • Custom Fit Ignition Wire Set by MSD IGNITION - 32733 pa5
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High Performance
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              Product Information

              MSD IGNITION

              The MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Wire is the wire crafted for high-performance applications. The 8.5 has been engineered from the ground up to provide everything you've ever desired in a wire: extremely low resistance with no electronic interference. There are just 40 - 50 ohms of resistance in a single 12-inch piece of Super Conductor Wire and it is the lowest resistance for helically wound wire. MSD uses a copper alloy conductor to achieve this, due to its high voltage carrying capacity. Because there is less loss of spark energy due to the low resistance, more energy reaches the spark plug. The conductor is exceptionally tightly coiled around a unique centre core. In fact, a single foot of plug wire contains approximately 40 feet of conductor wrapped around it. When paired with a ferromagnetic-impregnated centre core, this winding process creates an exceptionally effective Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) "choke." This choke, or suppression ability, keeps EMI inside the wire, where it won't interfere with your vehicle's other electronics. The conductor assembly is encased in an outer sleeve that is equally stunning. A special silicone and synthetic material mixture create a sleeve that is resistant to intense heat, abrasion, and rips. The MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Plug Wire is available in Universal Kits and Bulk Lengths.

              Features & Benefits
              • For optimal spark, MSD 8.5mm superconductor wire set use a copper alloy conductor that has a resistance value of less than 50 ohms per foot
              • An effective EMI choke is created by the ferromagnetic impregnated core
              • For high EMI suppression, forty feet of conductor is wound into a single foot of wire
              • DuPont Kevlar is used in the conductor core for greater tensile strength
              • A unique composition provides a tough outer sleeve that resists extreme heat and abrasion.
              • Tough, 8.5mm synthetic/silicone jacket over an extra-heavy glass braid
              • Dielectric insulator keeps the current guided to the plugs

              Product's Extended Description

              • Custom Spark Plug Wire Set; Black Super Conductor 8.5mm; 8.5mm; Fits Chrysler w/HEI MSD Distributor; OEM Cut;
              • The MSD 8.5mm super conductor wire is the performance wire. Engineered from the inside out, the 8.5 offers everything you have ever wanted in a wire; incredibly low resistance without electronic interference. In a single 12 inch length of super conductor wire there is only 40 - 50 ohms of resistance. That is the lowest resistance of any helically wound wire. To accomplish this, we use a copper alloy conductor due to it's great voltage carrying capabilities. The low resistance results in less loss in spark energy so more reaches the spark plug. The conductor is wound extremely tight around a special center core. So tight in fact, that there is over 40 feet of conductor wrapped into a single foot of plug wire. This winding procedure, combined with a ferro-magnetic impregnated center core, produces an extremely effective electro magnetic interference (EMI) or choke. This choke, or suppression capability, keeps the EMI inside the wire where it cannot interfere with other electronics on your vehicle. The outer sleeve that surrounds the conductor assembly is just as impressive. A proprietary blend of silicone and synthetic material produce a sleeve that is highly resistant to high heat as well as abrasion and tears. Available in universal kits and bulk lengths.
              • Black Super Conductor 8.5mm; 8.5mm; Fits Chrysler w/HEI MSD Distributor; OEM Cut

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