Air Filter by MOTORCRAFT - FA1780

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          Motorcraft Air filters are uniquely designed to capture harmful dirt and pollutants. Even when the filter nears the end of its functional life, it minimizes the restriction of contaminants. Motorcraft Air Filters are put through a number of tests to improve their quality, including filter efficiency and capacity test over the filter's life cycle, a construction integrity test in extreme conditions, a water soak and rupture test, and heat and humidity aging testing. Motorcraft Air filter is coated with specially formulated material that prevents damage from oil and moisture. It is designed precisely for each vehicle application to provide the best fit possible.

          Features & Benefits
          • Motorcraft Air filters are coated with a special chemical (surfactant) that improves filtering efficiency and capacity
          • Made with polyurethane seal material that provides excellent sealing properties when exposed to high and low-temperature cycles
          • Uniquely designed to boost engine performance and decrease engine contamination
          • Consist of phenolic resin which keeps Motorcraft Air filters in a wrap shape when exposed to heat and moisture



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