Sway Bar Frame Bushing Or Kit by MOOG - K6439

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Spirited Driver



    Driver Profile
    Spirited Driver
      Improved Design
      • Design Improvement over Manufacturer specifications
      • Problem Solver
      Structure Quality
      Exceeds OEM
      • Elevated quality of materials used
      • Increased part performance
      High Durability
      • Durable for the tough situations
      • Enforced Material for added protection
      Precise Fit
      • Precision sizing of installation location
      • Improved Curvature
      • Exact Size & Dimensions
      • Treated at OEM Specifications
      • Corrosion Prevention
      • Reduced Wear Activator
      • Material used in part build increases parts overall lifespan
      • Decreases need for a future replacement over OEM

      Product Information


      The new Moog Problem Solver Sway Bar Bushing made of natural rubber material with an innovative synthetic fabric lining. The bushings are more durable, quieter, eliminating the necessity for lubrication and maintenance. Problem Solver Sway Bar Bushing with synthetic fabric liner are available for domestic and foreign nameplate vehicles. When Moog Problem Solver Sway Bar Bushings are tested with a synthetic fabric liner, part numbers K201176, K201615, and K201620 were found to last three times longer when compared to non-liner OEM bushings. Moog's sway bar bushings are an excellent way to restore or enhance the vehicle's handling. Moog designs each of their sway bar bushings to meet or exceed OE specifications, assuring complete control over the ride. Moog also backs their sway bar bushings with a lifetime warranty. Bushings help to take corners safer and more comfortable. Moog Sway Bar Bushings replaces failed OE Sway Bar Bushings. OE sway bar bushings will warp after years of use which loosens the bushing's grip on the sway bar, reducing control over the vehicle. Deteriorated OE bushings will lean farther around corners and produce banging underneath the chassis. The banging sound is the impact of the sway bar on other suspension parts leading to further damage. Moog sway bar bushing is the best choice to withstand the severe effects and protect the vehicle. Bushings upgrade with new materials to provide better performance. Rubber and thermoplastic are two materials used to make Moog sway bar bushings. Rubber bushings are made to restore smooth OE ride by bringing back the original performance. Thermoplastic bushings are more durable and stiffer, which increases the NVH, but your performance will not only be restored but will also improve. Moog is the correct option to fix your daily driver or reduce the lap time.

      Features & Benefits

      • Moog Sway Bar Frame Bushings split design allows more comfortable installation
      • Incorporates verified design and engineering features
      • Bushings are made to provide smooth operation, dependability and long life
      • Sway Bar Frame Bushing restores like-new steering and handling
      • Bushing replacement helps to reduce front end noise
      • Moog Sway Bar bushing includes phosphate coated inner sleeve for corrosion protection


      MOOG itself began in the USA in 1919 and was introduced to the European market in 2001 to much acclaim. Today, MOOG is a trusted brand of suspension and steering parts and is recognised internationally for high quality chassis parts.

      MOOG's Warranty

      Has Limited lifetime warranty except tools & Omega power steering products. 36 months of warranty on Hub assemblies and R-Series. Steering dampers with 12 months of warranty.

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      From the manufacturer

      MOOG’s reputation - “The Problem Solver” can be traced back to 1937. That was the year the company made its first front-end replacement part. Mechanics recognized it as outperforming the factory original.

      Moog was well-known for its ability to constantly develop “problem-solving solutions. Even after 100’s innovations, Moog is still recognized today as the “Problem Solver”.  It earns that reputation by offering problem-solving components. Also, it offers award-winning technical help and training materials.

      MOOG incorporates excellence into every steering and suspension component, from design to final assembly. MOOG engineers parts in St. Louis, MO that is easier to install and last longer.

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