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The Mitsubishi Outlander stands out of the crowd with greener technologies and holds the crown of being the only PHEV vehicle in its segment. The plug-in hybrid consists of unique technology that can be run solely on electric power for short periods of time. The Outlander also boasts three-row seating which is unrivaled by most of the competition in the compact crossover SUV segment. The vehicle has three options of powertrains that appeal to different audiences and all maintain a composed ride with adaptability to rough terrains with its optional all-wheel–drive. The interior is feature-packed and offers many safety driver-assistance features.

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Are you looking for quality Mitsubishi Outlander parts for your vehicle? If Yes, then PartsAvatar Canada can be your ultimate destination for all Mitsubishi Outlander parts, be it genuine Mitsubishi Outlander parts or Mitsubishi Outlander replacement parts. We have in stock for you best priced and top-quality Mitsubishi Outlander body parts, Mitsubishi Outlander air filter, accessories, suspension systems, spark plugs, roof racks, tail light, and more. To shop for Mitsubishi Outlander parts, all you have to do is make a search for your specific car part from the given search menu such as “Mitsubishi Outlander Headlight Assembly” or “Mitsubishi Outlander Fuel pump''. Alternatively, you can also make a selection for your Mitsubishi model year from the given menu at the top. Place your orders on our secure site using PayPal, credit card, Sezzle, or through our customer service. Your order will be placed immediately and you will receive the processing status, confirmation, and updates by email.

Common Mitsubishi Outlander Vehicle Problems & Their Solutions

Though with a number of benefits, Mitsubishi Outlander might face some problems. Customers will be happy to know that PartsAvatar has some best solutions for the same. Some of the most reported problems are with the 2007 Outlander, 2007 Outlander, 2014 Outlander, and 2015 Outlander. So here is the list below:

  1. Mitsubishi Outlander Subframe Rusting Away From Control Arm - Mitsubishi Outlander model 2005 might face an issue of its subframe rusting away from the control arm. To take it back to position, PartsAvatar has a solution. Find Mitsubishi Outlander subframe and control arm at the best prices.
  2. Mitsubishi Outlander Exterior Lighting problem - Due to thin headlight glass you might see a cracking light problem which reduces vision at night. Shop Mitsubishi Outlander headlight assemblies at PartsAvatar at the best price.
  3. Mitsubishi Outlander Engine Defects - Owners of the 2003 Outlander model might face some power issues with the radiator. There has been no coolant or any fluid leaks with this car, but the car is suddenly filled with smoke and furthermore can cause issues. Shop top-quality Mitsubishi Outlander Radiator at an affordable price only at PartsAvatar.
  4. Mitsubishi Outlander Cooling Fan problem - In model 2003 there might be an issue of two fans (radiator and cooling) starting at the same time. The cooling fan only needs to turn on when the vehicle's engine is hot. You can get this issue fixed by shopping Mitsubishi Outlander cooling fan controller from PartsAvatar.
  5. HVAC Temperature Knob Hard to Turn on Mitsubishi Outlander - The heating, ventilation, and AC (HVAC) temperature control knob may be hard to turn. Repairs involve installing a new air blend door lever and link, lubing the blend door track, and installing a filter on top of the blower motor housing to prevent the entry of dirt and debris. If the temperature control assembly has been damaged it will require replacement also.
  6. Mitsubishi Outlander Speedometer Inaccurate - In the Mitsubishi Outlander model 2014, the Speedometer may not work properly. Find a quality Mitsubishi Outlander Speedometer at the best prices only at PartsAvatar.
  7. Mitsubishi Outlander Body Paint Chipping - There could be chances that after some months of using your car, it might face the issue of body paint chipping. To fix this, you can find an easy and economical solution on our website without any hassle. We have all Mitsubishi Outlander body parts and accessories.

If you have any of these Mitsubishi Outlander repair needs, don’t worry, PartsAvatar is here to help you. You no longer need to choose between a  cheap auto-part or a top-quality part, you can have them both. Some of our replacement parts also come with lifetime warranties, better than on Mitsubishi Outlander OEM parts. All our Mitsubishi Outlander parts are handpicked to ensure the best quality. Also, all our parts are sourced from popular and leading performance parts brands such as BECK/ARNLEY, LITTELFUSE, RAYBESTOS, etc. Buy car parts ranging from Mitsubishi Outlander oxygen sensor, braking system parts, Mitsubishi Outlander roof rack for newest cars to fuel tanks for older Mitsubishi vehicles. Our online parts store is open for your orders 24/7 and you can also enjoy free shipping over $75 to save costs.  Always use high-quality parts to replace OEM parts. Shop only for brand new Mitsubishi Outlander auto parts with us.