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Not every vehicle in the small SUV domain offers extensive trail-ready performance and that is a gap the Jeep Liberty filled until 2012. Retaining the Jeep pedigree, Liberty was able to attract weekend terrain explorers and weekday city crawlers to opt for it since it was a complete trail hawker in city clothes making it practical both on- and off-road. Comfortable seats and loaded tech made it more suitable for audiences and had considerable amounts of cargo, head, and legroom. V6 was the weapon of choice for the liberty which may have been a gas-guzzler but spun the wheel with might.

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Even with all the perks going in Jeep Liberty’s way, you might face some issues over time with this car, especially with the model of the year 2006-07. We have listed few commonly faced issues below:

  1. Jeep Liberty Cooling System Problem - Due to the position of the air intake system behind the front wheel, the air filter gets dirtier than normal, when driving on dusty roads, and clogged air filters leading to misfire. This situation can lead to delayed response and notable reduced power from the engine. Visit PartsAvatar Canada to replace your old air intake systems with the new ones.
  2. Jeep Liberty Brake Problem - Owners of 2006 Jeep Liberty may face some car brake problems like car brakes making a squeaking noise. It may also be due to brake fluid problems and problems in the master cylinder with possible wear out of brake pads and brake lines as well. If you want to get rid of this problem, then you must buy brand new brake parts by visiting PartsAvatar Canada to buy top-quality Jeep Liberty brake parts.
  3. Jeep Liberty Wheel Bearing Problems - The owners of Jeep Liberty might experience some issues with its car wheel bearings. Probable symptoms include grinding, knocking when the vehicle is in motion, abnormal side pull when the brakes are applied and uneven rotor and brake pad wear. It is important to replace the damaged ones with the brand-new Jeep Liberty brakes, rotors, and wheel bearings from PartsAvatar.
  4. Jeep Liberty Steering Problems - The major thing keeping you in line on the road is your steering. The owners of the 2006 model might face problems like steering defective warning, uneven steering, whining sounds, steering wheel slow to respond, groaning noises, etc. Thus, we suggest taking care of such issues well before they occur with Jeep Liberty Steering solutions and are safe as you enjoy your drive.
  5. Jeep Liberty Transmission Problems - The 2006 Jeep Liberty can sometimes have complaints of noisy transmission. It can be due to low transmission fluid levels, problems in torque converter or transmission gear mechanism, and other transmission parts. Such situations require immediate replacement of old parts. Visit PartsAvatar Canada for genuine Jeep Liberty transmission parts.
  6. Jeep Liberty Body Paint and Parts Problems - Some models of Liberty can pose problems with body paint and parts. Buyers can find instant solutions to all car body parts problems with quality Jeep Liberty body parts at PartsAvatar Canada online.
  7. Jeep Liberty Suspension Problems - If you have a 2006-07 Jeep Liberty, you might face problems in your rear and front shocks and excessive leakage. This destabilizes the drive and makes handling unpredictable. Thus, immediate care has to be taken. Visit PartsAvatar Canada for genuine Jeep Liberty suspension parts.
  8. Jeep Liberty Engine Problems - Owners of 2006-07 models can face problems in terms of check engine light constantly illuminating indicating problems in intake manifold and top cylinder heads due to excessive carbon build-up and air circulation thus hampering the performance. Thus, replacement of intake manifold is advisable. Visit PartsAvatar Canada for quality Jeep Liberty engine components.
  9. Jeep Liberty Interior Accessories Problem - Sometimes while putting the reverse gear the picture of the rear-view camera fails to appear. This poses a lot of problems, and hence swift and careful reversing is required. Thus, the electrical system has to be checked and a change of the rear-view camera is advisable. Visit PartsAvatar Canada for quality interior mirrors.

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