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The Hyundai Tucson packs the perfect combination of everything that meets a good small SUV needs. With the handsome exterior to the seamlessly sculpted ergonomic dashboard, the Tucson is a well-designed vehicle that also incorporates plenty of tech and safety features as standard. The suspension offers enough grip and supports down straights and bends alike making the Tucson a fun yet composed ride. Performance from the engines is enough for the small SUV but certainly not Tucson’s strong point which it makes up with a comfortable ride and cabin room. Storage is accommodating for a small-sized SUV and can hold considerable amounts of luggage. It carries several safety accolades from many top organizations such as NHTSA and IIHS making it a top pick in terms of safety.

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Common Hyundai Tucson Problems

With features like advanced safety, smart infotainment system, park assist, and much more, Hyundai Tucson is a masterpiece. But even with all the features and excellent performance and great looks, there can be some issues that can come across if you own a Tucson, especially with the 2016 model. Following are some of the common problems and their solutions for the owners of Hyundai Tucson.

  1. Hyundai Tucson Cooling System Problems - The people who own the 2016 model of Hyundai Tucson might face some car cooling-related problems like water pump failure, engine, engine cooling, and cooling system fan issues. The problem can be solved by replacing the damaged parts with brand new ones. Get all necessary Hyundai Tucson heating & air conditioning parts at PartsAvatar.
  2. Hyundai Tucson Interior Problem - Some of the most common complaints include failure of the interior parts and electrical systems of Hyundai Tucson. This includes the display of wrong information to the driver or even the complete malfunction of a particular electric component. In such a situation, the complete electrical systems have to be replaced. Get genuine Hyundai Tucson interior parts only at PartsAvatar Canada.
  3. Hyundai Tucson Transmission Problem - The Hyundai Tucson can sometimes have complaints of noisy transmission and slipping of transmission occasionally. It can be due to low transmission fluid levels, problems in torque converter or transmission gear mechanism, and other transmission parts. Such situations require immediate replacement of old parts. Visit PartsAvatar Canada for genuine Hyundai Tucson transmission parts.
  4. Hyundai Tucson Engine Failure Problem - This can be caused by anything that causes overheating, the oil-contaminated by coolant, other contamination, or improper circulation. Often when an engine has seized, the heat and pressure of the pistons against the cylinder walls fuse them together, like a weld. Major warning signs include check engine warning light indication, loss of power, gas mileage drop off, engine stalling, and rough running. Visit PartsAvatar Canada to get quality Hyundai Tucson engine components.
  5. Hyundai Tucson Fuel System Problem - This is a common problem and can be due to issues with the fuel filter, fuel injector, fuel pump, or any other component. Under load, fuel demand increases, and a clogged fuel filter reduces the needed flow. As the fuel filter gets dirty, the fuel pump works much harder. Thus, the strict filter can damage the fuel pump and other parts. Visit PartsAvatar Canada to buy genuine Hyundai Tucson fuel delivery systems and components.
  6. Hyundai Tucson Airbag Problems - People might face some serious problems with 2006 Hyundai Tucson airbags. The problems are airbag warning lights on, airbag failing to deploy, and issues with the front airbag control module. Few other small issues which people might face are airbag light on, warning light on, and issues with the front airbag sensor control. This problem can be solved by changing the damaged airbag fuse. You can shop for the best-priced Hyundai Tucson airbag parts with us.

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