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About Throttle Body

The throttle body is the part of the air intake system that controls the amount of airflow into the combustion chamber in the spark-ignition gasoline engine. It consists of a housing unit containing a throttle plate known as a butterfly valve that rotates on a shaft. When the vehicle accelerator pushes down, the throttle plate opens and forces air into the engine. When the accelerator is released, the butterfly valve closes and effectively shutoffs the airflow through the throttle plate into the combustion chamber. The sensors and electric motors connected to the throttle body control the engine's speed, operate the throttle body and finally control the vehicle speed. The electrical throttle body device regulates the amount of air driven into the engine when the accelerator is pressed and sends signals to the computer and further to the electric motor in the throttle body. That electric motor moves the throttle plate and allows more or less air into the engine depending on the accelerator position. The throttle body is prone to wear out, the throttle body breaks in the rare cases, complete damage of throttle body which happens on mileage vehicles, accumulating carbon inside the throttle body that makes throttle plates sticky and stuck unevenly.