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About Ignition Wire Sets

Vehicles with distributor style ignition systems use ignition wires to relay electrical current from the distributor to individual spark plugs, with the timing dependent on their order to fir. A separate wire runs from the ignition distributor cap to any spark plug which actually has thick cables that can hold 40,000 volts or more. One end of each wire is equipped with a boot designed to fit snugly on the cap, while the other end has a boot that fits on the plug. Ignition wire comes in a package, depending on engine cylinder numbers. Ignition wire collection passes the spark from the distributor or ignition coil to spark plugs that start the engine and ignite the air-fuel mixture. The ignition cables are part of the ignition system and are also known as spark plug wires. The cables can become weak over time, and break down. Ignition wires also need to be replaced as the wires can break or the electrical connexions can wear out as part of an engine tune up. This will make it harder for the spark to reach the engine cylinders, resulting in engine misfires which make it difficult to start or cause the engine to run slowly or roughly. When one of the wires on the ignition has gone wrong, the car will still start and drive, but it will run poorly. When one or more ignition cables fail this voltage will not be passed to the spark plugs from the ignition coil, and the fuel will not be ignited. Driving with bad ignition wires for extended periods can also damage the catalytic converters. Ignition wires should be checked at least every 60,000 miles but it is a good idea to get the entire ignition system inspected anytime the car is serviced. The ignition wire from each spark plug is just long enough, without distortion, to enter the distributor. Each end of a spark plug wire is fitted with a metal terminal that clips onto the spark plug and delivery.