Step By Step Guide To Make A Purchase On Parts Avatar

Shopping for car parts isn’t the most exciting, we totally understand that. We know you want to get it over with and have your vehicle functioning as soon as possible, which is why our website is simple to navigate and enables you to find the perfect fitment part quickly. 

Here are the steps to navigate through our website and find the part that is perfect for your vehicle. 

Step 1 - Selecting Your Vehicle

Select details of your vehicle (Year, Make and Model) from the drop down menu or simply type in your vehicle information (Year, Make and Model) you can select from the prompts that come up while typing.

If you’re looking for a part but not concerned with vehicle fitment then leave it at the default ‘all vehicles’ option.

Step 2 - Searching for the replacement part

Type in the name, part number in the correct spelling. You can scroll down to select the product category and browse through for the part you may need or are looking for.

You can scroll down to select the product category and browse through for the part you may need or are looking for.

To get accurate results pay attention to the following:

  1. Double check the year, make and model of your vehicle
  2. Enter the correct information in the correct field
  3. Check the spelling of the part name
  4. Check the alternative part name
  5. If entering part number, re-check if it’s accurate
  6. Search by brand
  7. Browse through via categories on the website

Step 3 - Entering Engine Specifications

Select Engine size (If options are presented). Certain replacement parts are specific to not just the model but also the engine capacity.

Step 4 - Use Filters To Find The Perfect Product

Browse through parts available or use filters to streamline your search. You can filter your search with these options:

  1. Fitment
  2. Brand
  3. Price range
  4. Availability

You can sort the results using the simple option on the upper right and select if you want to view the products in order of; relevance, prices high to low or low to high.

You can also select the viewing option of your choice and convert it into a list or grid.

To see more under each category expand on the list by clicking on ‘view more’

Click on ‘view more’ under brand category to see more.

Step 5 - Read About The Product

Click on the product you want to know more about and read its description. You can also get a quick overview, specifications, fitment information at the bottom.

Step 6 - Contact Us For Any Queries

If you still have any questions, drop us a message on the chat or call us.

Check the product, and increase the quantity if needed. 

Step 7 - Finalize The Item

Select a delivery option and click ‘add to cart’ 

If the product isn’t available for pick-up you see a notification pop up. In such case you can simply change your delivery option and proceed with buying the product.

If you want to increase/decrease the quantity of a product simply change the number under ‘Quantity’.In case you want to  delete one or more of the items in your cart you can do so by clicking on ‘remove’.

Step 8 - Save For Later If You Want To

You can also add items to your wish-list to purchase later.

Step 9 - Enter Delivery Details

Enter your postal code to know the full value of the bill after shipping charges (if applicable) are added.

Step 10 - Place Order

Recheck all the products and delivery details and once satisfied, click ‘proceed to checkout’ on bottom right.

Step 11- Login/Signup

 If you’re not already signed in, you will be prompted to either continue as a guest or sign up/sign in.

Step 12 - Make Payment

Select the mode of payment; Credit card or PayPal. As per your selection you will have to fill in the necessary details.

Step 13 - Follow Up With Your Order

Finish off the payment and you will receive an email notification of your order. To track your order simply click on the link on top left of the page, and fill in the details asked.

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