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About Fender Liner

The wheel well can get damaged after years of driving as it goes through a lot of external elements like dirt, water, mud, salt, and snow. Mud cakes can get collected in the corners of the fenders and can cause corrosion. To avoid damage, fender liners are used to protect the wheel well of the car. Fender liners are made from plastic, metal, and carpet. They are specially designed to fit the fender of each car and closes all the gaps between the fender and keep water and mud away. The light weighted fender lining can prevent premature rust and decay caused by water and other types of dirt in the wheel well area.

Fender liners are fitted to protect the engine compartment as they act as a shield between road objects and the vehicle’s wheel well. Fender liners are fitted between the fenders and wheels and are also known as the inner fender. Water can damage the engine components by rusting or corroding them, therefore a fender liner is used. The fender liner can also help to reduce noise caused by the pings and dings from rocks and pebbles. The fender liners are simply bolted on the vehicle’s chassis and the fender using a few screws and clips, making it easy to replace if damaged. The fender liner can get damaged due to a lot of wear and tear and even due to the harsh climate.