Halloween - A Scary Night To Be A Pedestrian

“Where everyone is forced to stay in their lane, one man tries to veer off the path.”


I honestly like the quote a lot, but with Halloween being just around the corner, I would like all car owners to give it a second thought because the Devil’s Night is hardly a safe time to be alive. Especially for late-night strollers and other beings who are essentially dead. 


It’s really easy to get caught up in the fun and excitement of the night but safety should always come first. And I’m not talking about protection from all the witches and monsters lurking in dubious alleys while you wander around, high on sugar. Be safe from becoming a victim of unexpected fatalities on the much-awaited Halloween night. 


Unless you want it to be over before one can say Boo.

In short, it can get a whole lot crazier than your friend draped in a white sheet, pretending to be a ghost.


I am not trying to be cynical, not any more than usual at least, but for a start, getting dressed up in rented costumes that smell funky and demanding candy from strangers isn’t the first rule of safety. Knocking on the doors of snarky neighbors, who hate you for breaking some lawn ornament two years back, might be a little better than approaching that dark, hooded man who is always stationed on the corner of the block, hiding in the shadows. Isn’t getting raisins always better than getting blood all over the costume that isn’t even yours to keep?


In the words of Jerry Blake, “Blood is hard to remove. Speaking from experience. Ask Freddy Krueger.”

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Halloween Car Safety

I’d advise everyone to avoid making silly mistakes that turn a fun, spooky night into downright frightful.

First of all, lay off the drinks when on the road. Driving and alcoholic beverages just don’t mix. Secondly, if you are accompanying a child (which is a thing that you must only do if you follow rule number one), ask them to carry glow sticks and make sure they are aware of the basic rules of the road. Also, be absolutely certain that they wear costumes of the right sizes to prevent falls and try replacing the masks with make-up if possible to clear any obstructions in their vision. Thirdly, be careful and aware of your surroundings.


In case your safety is compromised, act calmly but quickly, and keep the children safe. You don’t have to be like a deer caught in headlights to prove that you are from Canada where almost everyone has witnessed the wildlife trick-or-treating all year round. It’s nice to be in touch with the wild until you start picking up their traits.

The Witching Hour

Speaking of silly mistakes that turn a fun, spooky night into downright frightful, I’m sure everyone has heard of the classic Halloween tale where one’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and then one is forced to interact with evil spirits in disguise that may follow them home and haunt them forever.


Maybe if you actually looked after your car, it wouldn’t give out on you in such situations.


It’s always better to replace and repair the faulty parts of your vehicle whenever a problem is detected. Nearly all intellectuals (also, the only intellectuals who matter) agree on the fact that if you don’t look after your possessions, you are probably not human.

Toughen up your car with PartsAvatar (because we ship orders made above $99 for free) before you go out trick-or-treating. You’ll need the car for hoarding all the candy. Besides, it’s always useful to keep the car running while you and your friends pull tricks on the stingy neighbors. And if things go sideways during the candy heist, you can just ram your vehicle in— No.


No, you (legally) can’t.


By the way, have you ever heard of Trunk-or-Treating before? 


Trunk-or Treat events are basically a fun occasion for adults to show their creativity by decorating the back of their cars for Halloween, load up on candy, and sit in a parking lot for kids to trick-or-treat from car-to-car. 


Some parents and community members feel that trunk-or-treating is safer than going house to house and collecting candy from strangers. 


Only up until the point at which you are asked to enter the car, which is just another level of creepy...


Moving on! Here are some fun ideas to help you get started with trunk-or-treating! Remember, skeletons never go out of style. 


Halloween Competition

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Enjoy Your Halloween

I hope everyone celebrates this time of the year blissfully, showing off their mad decoration skills, carving pumpkins, enjoying delectable delicacies that are meant to be eaten in the beautiful season of Fall and simply have fun. Munch on candies (that are hopefully from decent people and not leftover expired candy from last year) and drive around the neighborhood responsibly while you are on that candy scavenger hunt with your vehicle equipped with all the essential tools and accessories (and pumpkin pies) needed for the night-out.


Also try keeping the irresistible pumpkins out of the Grizzly’s reach!