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When your Ford Escape faces the inevitable wear and tear, be it a cracked rear motor mount due to hard driving conditions or a failing coolant pump triggering the check engine light, Parts Avatar is here to assist. Order your Ford Escape parts online in Canada with us, and get top-quality Ford Escape OEM parts, including starting & charging components, belt & tensioner kits, and emission control systems. With our seamless shopping experience, you can find "Ford Escape parts near me" with ease, ensuring speedy delivery to your doorstep, and keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

As the seasons change, it's crucial to maintain your Ford Escape to ensure safety and performance on the road. Before winter arrives, have your brakes inspected, including the resonator & pipe assembly, and consider replacing worn parts with high-quality options from our Ford Escape aftermarket parts catalog. For summer journeys, check your driveshaft & u joints, engine gaskets & seals, and front shocks & struts, and upgrade as needed with reliable Ford Escape parts online, also available are Used Ford Escape parts, ensuring all exhaust hardware is secure for long drives as daylight wanes.