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About Automatic Transmission Gaskets & Filters

Automatic Transmission Gaskets: There are two types of gaskets namely, hard and soft, depending on the application. Gaskets are used to seal two parts together and provide a safe passage for fluid flow through the transmission. If the surfaces to be sealed are smooth, hard gaskets are used and they are usually made of paper. These gaskets are used to seal the valve body and oil pump against the transmission case. Hard gaskets are used to direct the flow of fluid or seal off some passage between the separator plate and valve body. Soft gaskets are used to seal irregular surfaces together. They are used in the oil pan gaskets that seal it to the transmission case. The oil pan gaskets are made of rubber and cork. Automatic Transmission Filters: The transmission system makes use of many fluids for proper operation of its hydraulics, to lubricate the machinery, and to keep the transmission cool. If the transmission fluid is dirty, it may cause the transmission parts to wear off and get damaged. The transmission filter is used to keep the foreign particles from entering the transmission system and protect it from damages. Usually, the transmission filter is placed inside the oil pan, in the transmission, at the front of the vehicle.

The transmission system transfers the power from the engine to the car wheels. The transmission filter is present above the transmission pan and is used to trap the contaminants from the transmission fluid before sending it to the transmission. No matter what type of vehicle or transmission you're working on, new transmission seals, gaskets & O-rings will keep your gearbox leak-free. Automatic transmissions, however, require more than external sealing. A variety of gaskets, seals, and O-rings are needed for the internal transmission components of the automatic transmission system to produce the proper amount of hydraulic pressure for optimum shifting and transmission output.