Harvey Firestone founded Firestone in 1900 to supply solid rubber tires for fire apparatus, and later, pneumatic tires for wagons, buggies, and other forms of wheeled transportation popular at the time. Harvey Firestone partnered with Henry Ford to provide Model T cars with the first tires filled with air. Firestone was soon named in the vehicle tire industry and, as they say, the remaining is history. Firestone was sold to the Japanese Bridgestone Corporation in 1988.

Firestone's all-season tires are one of the most popular choices. For good handling performance on wet and dry pavements, Firestone Firehawk GT Pursuit is the tire to select. It is made for high-speed emergency use vehicles. You'll need a set of winter tires when the roads get a little snowy. Firestone’s WinterForce CV is created to handle rough winters, with high density siping that provides plenty of traction whether you’re driving in ice, deep snow, or slush. The Firestone Destination A T and Transforce H T all-season tires provide all the traction your truck or SUV will require on your next adventure. Firestone has you and your truck or SUV covered on and off the road.

Today, Firestone is a leading global manufacturer of tires for passenger cars, trucks, SUVs, light vans, and medium-duty commercial vehicles. They supply their products to over 140 countries around the world. They pride themselves on being a leader in product performance in all the markets they serve.