Get To Know More About Your Vehicle's Oil Strainer

What is Oil Strainer?

Do you know about an oil strainer? Don’t worry, Parts Avatar has mentioned everything you need to know about the oil strainers. The oil strainers play the role of removing the system debris from the refrigerant oil. They serve the purpose of protecting compressors and the oil regulators from any type of physical damage. These oil strainers are employed to trap larger contaminants (refers to the contaminants of approximately 40 microns or greater). For example, 60-mesh strainer traps pollutants around 240-micron level, on the other hand, 100-mesh strainer traps a 150-micron level.

Material Used In Oil Strainer

The oil strainers serve the purpose of removing the system debris from the refrigerant oil. The main body and connections of the oil strainers are composed of carbon steel. Also, the mesh screens are made up of stainless steel.

Important Features Of Oil Strainer

These oil strainers have a lot to know about. Here are some important features of the oil strainers that we have listed only for our precious customers:


  • They have large screen areas that help in attaining maximum capacity and long service
  • Low pressure drops
  • They are equipped with stainless steel screen
  • They have SAE or ODS connections accessible

Top Brands For Oil Strainer

If customers trust a brand, then it would make them loyal, and if they are loyal, then they will surely buy more. We are well aware that customers want comfort, cheerfulness as well as satisfaction in their lives and that’s the reason why we offer top quality auto parts brands to our customers. We make sure to provide a positive experience to our consumers from the brands which we are offering so that they can form an opinion that a particular auto parts brand is trustworthy and would give them peace of mind while they are purchasing it for their car. Here we have listed out some top brands for Oil Strainer.

Beck/Arnley Oil Strainer

Dorman/Autograde Oil Strainer

Fel-Pro Oil Strainer

Related Parts Of Oil Strainer

Till now you must have understood what car Oil Strainer actually is, but still are you thinking that what are its associated parts? So, let’s just dig out what its components are:


How To Change Oil Strainer?

Do you know how to change the oil strainer of your car? Well, don’t worry, Parts Avatar has mentioned all the information that is important for you to know.