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About Spark Plugs

If you know a thing a two about how cars work, you must’ve heard about the ‘spark plug’. The spark plug is an integral component of your vehicle and a starting point for combustion in your vehicle engine. The spark plug ignites the compressed fuel/air mixture by an electric spark in the combustion chamber. It is used to deliver electric current from the ignition-system into the combustion chamber of your spark-ignition engine. The spark plug is made of a metal threaded shell, electrically isolated from a central electrode by a porcelain insulator. Spark plugs are versatile and can be used for direct ignition when the engine is not able to fire, to measure ionization in cylinders and in furnaces where a combustible fuel/air mixture has to be ignited.

A spark plug is an electrical device located in the cylinder head of the engine. Its prime task is to ignite the compressed aerosol gasoline with an electric spark. The spark plugs are made of certain components that help them perform their job safely. They have an insulated center electrode that is connected to a heavily insulated wire, which is further connected to either an ignition coil or magneto circuit on the outside. The center electrode acts as the grounded terminal on the base of the spark plug. There are broadly two types of internal combustion engines; spark-ignition engines (require spark plugs to start combustion) and compression-ignition engines/diesel engines (compress air and then inject diesel fuel into the hot compressed air mixture, hence auto igniting). The latter may also use glow plugs during cold starts.