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About Radiator & Parts

One of the most crucial engine components is the radiator that is a part of the cooling system. The IC engine expels around 60% of its energy as heat. This heat can damage the various engine parts if we do not remove it from the system. The temperature of an internal combustion chamber is very high (>1000 degrees C) which is enough to distort metal components if exposed to such temperatures for long periods of time. Therefore, a cooling system is used to remove this heat. The radiator radiates the heat away from the engine block through heat transfer with atmospheric air. A water-based solution called coolant flows through the engine block and radiates the heat through the radiator. The radiator is mostly made of aluminum, as it is a great heat conductor. The radiator is placed at the front end of the vehicle where upcoming air can directly flow through when the vehicle is in motion.

The radiator maintains optimal engine operating temperature, which increases engine performance. If the radiator fails and leaks, then the engine can overheat, which can cause complete engine seizure. The radiator pressure cap maintains pressure in the cooling system so that the coolant does not boil. Boiling introduces air bubbles in the system, which can restrict coolant flow and cause the engine to overheat. The radiator drain plug allows easy servicing by providing an outlet to drain the coolant from the radiator.