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About Fuel Pump & Parts

The two most important ingredients for combustion are air and fuel. The fuel is supplied by the fuel delivery system. A fuel pump supplies fuel from the fuel tanks to the fuel delivery system under high or low pressure depending on the type of fuel delivery system. There are two types of fuel delivery systems - Carburetor and Fuel injection. Carburetor type fuel delivery systems require low pressure and so they use mechanically driven fuel pumps. Fuel injection systems require high fuel pressure, and they use electric fuel pumps. Mechanical fuel pumps are driven by a camshaft or crankshaft and are located in the engine bay. Whereas, electric fuel pumps are driven by an electric motor and are located in the fuel tank.

The fuel pump is a fundamental component of a fuel delivery system and provides the pressure required to spray the fuel with the right force to enable atomization. Most modern Fuel injection systems rely on the fuel pump for maintaining high pressure in the fuel rail. If a fuel pump fails, then the engine will not receive fuel. Modern fuel pumps are controlled by the ECU for ignition and pressure regulation.