DELPHI - TC2165 - Sway Bar Link Kit

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    Driver Profile

    Driver Profile

    Daily Driver


      Original Fit
      • Fitment on par with OEM
      • OE Quality Assurance
      • Exact Size & Dimensions


      Original Design
      • Identical Factory Design
      • Daily Commute Tested
      • All Weather Design


      Built to Spec
      • Exact Design Specifications
      • OEM Design and Functionality


      • Treated at OEM Specifications
      • Corrosion Prevention
      • Reduced Wear Activator

      Product Information


      Ball joints manufactured by Delphi have to undergo several important tests which makes the ball joint safe and durable for use. Delphi carries out crucial tests which includes the angular stress test, in which the ball joint is revolved through its angular and rotational movement with different loads. In the other test, the ball joint is pulled and pushed out of the housing. The test measured the force that is required for it to break. All these safety tests make sure the ball joint can resist the same challenges as the OE part. Every ball joint is fitted with a superior chloroprene rubber cover that saves the joint’s internal components from damage and keeps it safe and durable for use. Even in extreme temperatures the new and better-quality rubber covers preserve its durability and gives extra safety from road dirt, water, salt, and other contaminants. Due to which the ball joints get constant free movement for longer-lasting performance. Delphi’s ball joints are provided with superior 10 years rust protection. The ball joints have a cataphoretic coating which is environment friendly and gives tougher and long-lasting protection from rust. Delphi’s sealed ball joint reduces maintenance cost as it is provided with high-specification grease that can lubricate it for entire life. Together with an accurate ball-pin finish and a better-quality rubber boot design, the ball joint provides longer service intervals and better grease retention.

      Features & Benefits
      • Delphi’s ball joints are manufactured with high-quality forgings to increase strength
      • Machined to micron tolerances to give durable and smooth joint function
      • Ball-pin 100% crack tested for faulty free material
      • Greater ball-pin appearance and nylon seat coating for even movement and long lifetime
      • Lubricated to reduced friction
      • Provides smooth operation in all conditions

      DELPHI's Warranty

      12 months of warranty. Ignition Coils warranted for 3 year/36,000 miles. Limited lifetime warranty on Fuel Pumps purchased after 1/1/2014. IMPORTANT WARRANTY NOTE A/C COMPRESSOR- The warranty is only valid on the products if the compressor installation in

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