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About Headlight Bulbs

The bulb in a headlamp gets positioned in front of a reflector (or a series of mirrors) which projects a beam of light through a lens and then directs the beam to the road ahead. Halogen bulbs produce more light than older incandescent bulbs, and they produce less heat. This is because of the halogen gas which gets injected into the bulb. The HID or Xenon headlamps emit even more light by producing an electrical arc for illumination rather than a glowing tungsten filament. Similarly, LED lights are highly durable, with an average lifetime of over 50,000 hours, and the light they emit is much clearer and cleaner than incandescent light. Automobiles also feature self-leveling headlamps, which remain level with the road regardless of the angle of the vehicle. Such automobiles with “adaptive headlamps” use the motor to shift the focus of the lamp so we can follow the curves on the road.

The headlights (or headlamps) of an automobile help in illuminating the road while driving at night to make sure that the automobile is visible to other drivers during the daytime, and in poor weather conditions, where the visibility is less. The headlamp system includes a low beam which is used for normal driving, and a high beam which is used for highways or when no other cars are there on the road. The cars in the past relied on round, sealed-beam lamps, but the newer automobiles feature headlamps with aerodynamic shapes and replaceable halogen bulbs, HIDs, and LEDs.