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Centric premium ceramic brake pads are made from Positive Mold technology that uses extreme pressure to attach the friction material to the backing plate. This process provides a more consistent friction material density throughout the lifetime of the brake pad. Centric premium ceramic brake pads are scorched to remove the manufacturing impurities in the friction material. Scorching increases friction levels of the brake pad and enhances the initial pad/rotor bed-in.

Centric Premium brake pads provide superior stopping power and reliability for many vehicles, including passenger cars and light-duty trucks. Centric Parts engineers have developed application-specific friction compounds that offer improved stopping performance and reduced noise under braking. Centric premium brake pads are provided with high-performance shims, O.E. style gas slots, and chamfers to optimize braking performance, especially in repeat stop situations. Centric premium ceramic brake pad compounds produce little brake dust and provide longer service than other brake pad formulas.

Features & Benefits

  • Centric premium ceramic brake pads are made from specialized ceramic friction formulas that provide excellent stopping power
  • Designed to offer a linear braking response in both hot and cold conditions
  • Centric premium ceramic brake pads produce low brake dust and keep the wheels clean
  • Positive molded and made from 100% non-asbestos formulas
  • Ceramic friction compounds provide extended pad life
  • Shims decrease vibration and noise for a smooth braking operation
  • Centric premium ceramic brake pads are post cured for consistent performance throughout the service life
  • Scorched brake pads offer improved bed-in

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Centric Parts is well-known for its pioneering approach and thought leadership in brake technology, and they set the benchmark for quality and innovation in the industry.
There is quality, and then there is Centric quality," as the saying goes. They know the system and are masters in integration. The brand takes pleasure in being as excellent as or better than the original equipment and is always the first to market with quality components. All of this, along with their racing victories, helps to develop trust in their brand. Centric Parts are created to match your supply chain, inventory, and ride, with award-winning cataloging, in-house engineering and testing facilities, a countrywide delivery network, and unsurpassed technical support.