Happy Labor Day

Holidays are meant for a break from the daily routine of work. It also means a vacation to spend their long weekend. If you have forgotten to plan for the Labor Day weekend, then there’s still time. Before you gear up your vehicles, do a basic car check, pack all the things you need for the weekend and head to the place you wish. Though most of the countries celebrate labor’s day as “International Workers Day” in the month of May, Labor’s day in Canada and the US is celebrated on the first Monday of September.

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What Makes The Labor Day Different?

It’s not just the date. There are a lot of things that differ on a labor day for Americans from Europeans. It marks the unofficial end of summer. Many people consider the first Monday of September as an opportunity to take a summer trip to their countryside or enjoy the company of their friends and families. For teenagers, it's all about a party or road trip before the next academic year begins. There are also various activities and events held like Carnival, fireworks, happy hours in restaurants, 12-hour dance parties, and much more.

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For one group of people, it was about spending the weekend with families and going on trips. At the same time, there are other groups of people who love relaxing at home and do online shopping. There are a lot of sales and offers on fashion and clothing. Not just that! You can also shop the replacement parts for your car or truck like brakes & rotors, suspension parts, transmission parts, hand tools, power tools, and much more from PartsAvatar - The one-stop destination to shop auto parts online. Also, you can enjoy the benefit of free shipping on orders above $99. So, why wait?

Canadian Labor Day

The first Labor Day originally began in Toronto, Canada. A large rally of 9-hour movement was started demanding the right of workers and showing them some support. The first state to make Labour Day legal was Oregon in 1887. Later on, on June 28, 1894, Labor Day was declared a legal holiday by Congress to be celebrated on the first Monday of September. The congress passed the Adamson Act establishing an eight-hour workday. In Canada, Labor Day is an unofficial end to the summer where parades and activities are organized. Also, many autumn sports mostly importantly the football game and car race kick-off this weekend.

Labor Day Sales - The Second Biggest Of The Year

To get rid of the old stocks, most retail owners and online stores hold Labor Day sales. The other holiday which holds a bigger deal is “Thanksgiving Day”. Are you planning to shop on Labor’s Day and grab great deals and offers? Then, make sure to be extra kind to the workers who are working on  Labor’s Day weekend. Also, do not forget to shop replacement parts for your vehicle from PartsAvatar on Labor’s Day! You can also enjoy free shipping on orders above $99. 

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