Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is all about thanking for the good harvest. As Thanksgiving Day falls in the month of October i.e, fall season, this time take some efforts to thank your dad and mom in a special way. Thank your DIY dad, with all the tools and parts he needs to keep his car fall-ready. As fall is the perfect time to keep vehicles ready for colder temperature, you can also thank him by getting him the needed suspension parts, brakes, fluids etc for his vehicle. Also, you can thank your mom by getting her common tools to handle small jobs around the house like a pro from PartsAvatar. Now that you know as to how you can thank your parents in a special way, let’s see what’s special about Canadian Thanksgiving Day and how it is celebrated in Canada.

Canadian Thanksgiving Is In October!

Yes! You heard it right. Canadian Thanksgiving falls on the second Monday of October, unlike the American Thanksgiving. As Canada is situated further North, the harvest comes a little earlier and hence it is celebrated in October. It is considered as a time to give thanks for the good harvest. Since 1879, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated each year on different dates on specific themes but since 1979, it has been observed on the second Monday of October. People spend their time by raking leaves, harvesting, shutting down the family cabin, and finally, enjoying a delicious meal with friends and family. Though the holiday falls on Monday, the celebration takes place mostly on Sunday. Especially, the big meal is likely to happen on the weekend. 

Celebration Of The Thanksgiving Day

People celebrate Thanksgiving Day in Canada in many different ways. Usually, they organize a small get together with friends or family where they share a meal, give thanks for the good harvest and enjoy each other’s company. The feast during this occasion usually comprises of roasted turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet corn, pumpkin pie and much more. But there are variations as to how they are prepared. There are also families who celebrate this day with dim sum, ham, slaw, and other treats. This is just a sign that Canada is totally multicultural. Few people take advantage of this three-day weekend especially the Vancouverites and plan a short vacation outside the city. It also kicks-off the Halloween season where you can see people dressed as superheroes of anime characters. On the other hand, there are people who love to curl up the fire with the family and enjoy the beautiful fall colors with no outdoor activity.

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