Conventional Engine Oil GTX Ultraclean 5W20 , 1L by CASTROL - 0001542

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Castrol GTX ultraclean Engine Oils, as the name suggests, are the cleanest GTX oils ever. Ultraclean oils are professionally formulated for modern driving.
Poor fuel quality, hot weather, and stop-start driving conditions can lead to sludge, varnish, and carbon buildup in your engine. These factors can decrease engine life, power, and fuel economy. GTX Ultraclean is a synthetic mixture engine oil that comes in 5W-30 and 5W-20 grades. This synthetic-blend engine oil has a double-action formula that has proven to clean away the sludge that can clog engine oilways and helps prevent new sludge formation. In fact, it is more effective than the industry standard as it provides up to 45% better sludge protection than demanded. If you want a smooth ride and a clean engine, no other oil is better than GTX ultraclean.
This multi-grade oil has two grades, i.e., 5W20 and 5W30 (W stands for winter). Synthetic 5W-20 grade oil flows as easily as a 5 Weight oil in winter temperatures but as thick and viscous as a 20 Weight oil once normal engine temperature has been reached. No grades are inferior or superior to the other. Choose the right oil for your vehicle based on two parameters i.e., the temperature at which you regularly drive and your engine’s recommended oil viscosity grade.

Features & Benefits

  • Offers 45% better sludge protection compared to tough industry standards
  • A high level of protection against viscosity and thermal breakdown
  • Exceptional resistance to high-temperature deposits
  • Premium-quality base oils and anti-wear additives enhance the longevity of your engine
  • Viscosity of 48.4 mm2/s (48.4 CST) at 40°C while viscosity of 8 to 9 mm2/s (8 to 9 CST) at 100°C

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