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Did you ever sweat while driving? Your car’s climate control mechanism comprising of air conditioner, air compressor, block heater, cabin air filter, idle air control valve etc. are crucial during extreme weather conditions. You need to ensure that both the heater core and air conditioner are in top condition. The idler pulley guides and maintains tension with the drive belt that connects the engine to various components like heating and ac. The heating system consists of the heater core, blower motor fan, hoses, heater control valve and control panel. A block heater is used to start the engine and warm up the vehicle faster. The heater controls and blower fan are used to control how much heat comes into the cabin and at what speed. The air conditioner consists of ac compressor, ac condenser, evaporator etc. Fram filters are cost effective air filters that provide more airflow to the engine.

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Have you ever had a sudden breakdown in the climate control mechanism of your vehicle? If so, you will notice that you cannot turn on either the heater or the air conditioner. When faced with the failure of both the heating and ac systems you will need to first check what parts are not functioning properly or are damaged. All the different components of your vehicle heating system are available with PartsAvatar whether it is the blower motor resistor, heater fan, fan shroud or fan motor. We also stock all ac components like the gas compressor, ac compressor clutch, ac refrigerant, ac delco oil filters, ac evaporators, car compressor, compressor pumps, air filters for cars, ac lines, ac bypass pulley and evaporator core.

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When it comes to replacing components of your vehicle’s heating or air conditioning systems there are many different brands to choose from. No matter what vehicle you drive you will first need to decide which brand is reliable and durable. The most convenient option is to order online for quality replacement parts at PartsAvatar no matter what type of vehicle you drive. Dorman and Denso are the two foremost brands when it comes to replacement parts for your heating and air conditioning systems. Shrader is known for a range of other parts, particularly the Shrader valve, while Bosch is known for oil filters. Fram is known for fresh breeze cabin air fliter. Motorcraft manufactures a range of quality and reliable parts and Gates Corporation is known for belts and hoses.

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Can you imagine what would happen if you couldn’t change the temperature inside your vehicle or get clean air in the cabin? Your car’s climate control system allows you to adjust temperature inside your cabin. It helps to keep you warm on a cold winter morning when temperatures dip below 0C or it keeps you cool on a hot summer day when temperatures soar beyond 40C.

This warmth or heat is made possible by the car heater core located under the dash of your car. The heater core is connected to the engine with hoses and works like a miniature radiator supplying heat so that you can stay warm. Important parts associated with the heating system are resistor heater blower, auto blower, hvac blower, hvac blower motor, heater blower motor, oil cooler hose, breather hose, pcv valve hose, blower motor replacement, fan belt and engine coolant.

A similar job like the heater core is performed by the air conditioner on a hot day. In air conditioning, energy is used to remove heat and moisture from the air inside the car. By reducing the moisture or humidity in the air it cools down the temperature and you feel cold air circulating inside the cabin. Air conditioning components are connected with the hard tubing and flexible hoses. The main components are: compressor, condensor, receiver-dryer, expansion valve and evaporator. A fluid called refrigerant passes around in this system. It can evaporate at a low temperature and then again condenses at a higher pressure. Other parts include: rear defroster repair kit, idle air control motor, purge valve etc.

The most important part is the compressor, powered by a drive belt connected to the crankshaft of the car’s engine. The compressor clutch communicates to the AC when to start and when to stop operating. When you switch on the AC, the compressor pumps refrigerant vapour under high pressure into the condenser. The condenser changes the high-pressure refrigerant vapour into liquid. The heat generated in this process is removed from the condenser by air flowing through the condenser. The receiver-dryer which receives the liquid refrigerant is a small reservoir vessel that removes any moisture that leaks into the refrigerant.

The evaporator looks like a car radiator but has tubes and fins. As the cold low pressure refrigerant passes into the evaporator, it vapourises and absorbs heat from the air in the passenger compartment. The blower fan in the car pushes the air over the outside of the evaporator, so cold air is circulated inside the car. The moisture in the air is reduced and the condensate is collected and drained away.