Everything You Need To Know About Car Bumper Cover

What is Bumper Cover?

A part which is generally made by utilizing either plastic or fibreglass which would go directly over the bumper is known as the bumper cover. It is available in a lot of colours as well as styles. There are some covers which would be made up of particular model while there are some which are made to fit a wide range of automobiles.

Material Used in Bumper Cover

It would be a sturdy strip which is made up of moulded plastic, urethane, or metal which would fit over the automobile’s stock bumper. Protection to the bumper is provided by it, so that’s why it won’t be grazed and dented easily during the low-impact collisions. That is the reason why you would avoid expensive bumper repair as well as the costs of repainting.

Benefits of Bumper Covers

There are a lot of benefits of adding a bumper cover to your car. Firstly the bumper cover would add to the protective elements of the car bumper, which would affect both the parts of the automobile which would be near the bumper as well as the passengers in the car. If you want to change the look of your vehicle, then you should definitely go for bumper covers as they are easy and relatively cost-efficient way to do so. There are some bumper covers which use fog lights which would help the car drivers to see better in dimly lit areas and on dark back roads. There are a lot of styles of bumper covers available which would allow the car driver to create a great look which would match his own personality and style.

Distinguishing Bumper Covers from Air Dams

It can be very confusing to decide what a bumper cover is because they are the same as air dams which are also the fittings for automobiles. Generally, the major difference is that the bumper covers would fit over the entire bumper and the air dams would fit below the rear bumper. There are some bumper covers which would be equipped with air dams, which would give the driver the benefit of both without purchasing them individually. There are some bumper covers which would be equipped with fog lights as well as mini grills, which would match the larger grills present on the automobiles.

Important Features Bumper Cover

Do you want to know the essential features of bumper cover? Then you have arrived at the right place. Have a look below to know the important features of bumper cover: 

  • There are a lot of components with which the front part of the car is made up of. All of them have their own importance because they have particular roles to carry for the automobile to perform in an efficient manner. Let us understand this with the help of an example. It is the bumper which would contribute a lot in making the car safer to ride for passengers. It is the bumper which would help in absorbing the impact which has been caused by the minor collisions. Now since important function is performed by it, so that’s why it should be given a lot of protection. This can be done by installing a bumper cover. It can be either made up of plastic or fibreglass, and that’s the reason why it is shaped like a bumper. An exact as well as easy fit is promised by it. The strength and capability of the bumper is reinforced by the cover to absorb blows during collisions. Other than that, it would help in protecting other parts which are in the front of automobile like the headlights, grille, and fender. Other than providing protection, the appearance of your car is enhanced by the cover. The bumper covers, which can be utilized on the rear bumper, are generally available in a lot of designs, colours, and finishes. A jazzier look can be achieved for your vehicle's front and rear ends once it would be decided to install one. It would be a practical decision to install the bumper cover and at the same time it would be less costly way with which you can give your vehicle a customized look.

How do Bumper Cover Work?

Are you searching how do the bumper cover actually work? Then all you have to do is to have a look below and then you will be able to understand everything. 

  • It is the bumper cover as well as their accessories which would strengthen the shock absorbency between the bumper as well as other objects. This can be considered as an extra layer of protection, which would keep you as well as your passengers safe which are inside your automobile in low-speed collisions. Now when the front bumper cover, the assembly, or accessories would become defective, then it would decrease the level of protection which would be designed to provide. If you will replace these components, then they would help in restoring that fortification. It is the front bumper cover which would serve as a dressing to the bumper as well as front end of the automobile, which would give it a sleek as well as attractive appearance. If you will add a stylish front bumper cover, then it would change the look of your car to the next level.

Purpose of Bumper Cover

The major purpose of the bumper cover would be to reinforce and strengthen the bumper as well as improve its ability to absorb the energy during the collision. Other than that, the bumper cover would also serve as an aesthetic purpose. If it would have the right cover, then the automobile would look sleeker and at the same time would be more attractive.

Frequent Problems Bumper Cover

Do you want to know some frequent problems which might start occurring in the bumper cover? Take a look below to know some frequent problems with the bumper cover:


  • The most common issues on the bumper covers would be that the tabs which would attach the bumper on the car might start getting broken. It can be very critical and it is what which would secure as well as align the bumper cover. There are a lot of times, when the broken tab would be faulty in the bumper cover. The cost of these plastic parts would be somewhere around $200 to $700, so replacing these can literally break the bank. It totally depends upon the location of the tab and then according to that the bumper should be removed.

Tools Needed for Bumper Cover

There are a number of skilled auto mechanics who have a goal of opening their own car repair shop at some point in their career. But let’s face it; if you want to put up an efficient as well as profit making shop, then you might need much more than mechanical skills. There are a number of tools which you might need to perform the car repairs quickly as well as reliably. Auto repair equipment that you will need to repair your Bumper cover may include:

Top Brands for Bumper Cover

When it comes to vehicle owner’s choice, the brands really matter a lot. You might pay a premium for a specific car part brand, over time, as it has created a perception of quality, stability as well as trust. There are some leading car parts brands which are more than just products or services as they give rise to memories and emotions related with the quality. So have a look at some of the top brands for Bumper Cover.


Dorman/Autograde Bumper Cover

Street Scene Bumper Cover

Various Manufacturers Bumper Cover

Xenon Bumper Cover

Related Parts for Bumper Cover

The brighter you are, the more you have to learn! That’s why we are here to provide you more knowledge about the related parts of the car Bumper Cover. They are mentioned below as follows: -


How to Change Bumper Cover?

Do you want to change your bumper cover on your own? Then have a look at the steps of changing the bumper cover below:

Step 1

The first and foremost step would be to remove the old bumper cover. The front of your car should be placed up on the jack so that the old bumper cover can be removed. Now before you use the jacks, it would be essential to remove the lug nuts on your car tires with the lug wrench. After that the jack should be used to raise up the front of the automobile and then it should be lowered onto the jack stands. Both of the front tires should be pulled off and then if there are any signal wires, then they should be disconnected. It can be done very easily by pulling them out of the sides of the bumper so that they won’t be any longer in the turn signal socket.

Step 2

After that a screwdriver should be used to unhook any rivets which would be holding the wheel well in place. It is the wheel well where these rivets are generally situated. The wheel cover should then be pulled off and then they should be set aside. After that the bolts which would attach the bumper to the wheel should be removed. A wrench can be used to do this. There might be a need to get under the car so that the bolts can be located. The bolts can be generally located if you would be underneath the automobile and then looking up at the radiator. Now once the side bolts have been removed, then the bolts which would secure the front of the bumper onto the frame of the car should be removed. The plastic locks should then be unhooked and then the bumper cover should be removed.

Step 3

Then the bumper cover should be painted before you apply it. Now if the cover would not be already primed, then it would be a great idea to apply e-coat. Just be sure that the bumper cover should be free of all the dirt and debris and then the paint should be applied and then the coat should be cleared in several layers. Then a wet sandpaper should be used to sand off if there are any imperfections, dirt or some lumps. Now if you want to keep the sandpaper wet, then slightly soapy water should be squirted where you are sanding. The detailed instructions which would be there on painting your car would also apply when it comes to painting the bumper cover.

Step 4

Then it is essential to inspect that new bumper cover should have a plastic clip which would secure it to the car. When the cover would be purchased, then these should be included. You can always start from one side of the car and then the clips should be lined up with the holes in your car. It should be in the similar spots where the old bumper cover would be detached. Now once they would be lined up, then the clips should be pressed into the place. You can always hear the clips which would snap into place. It can be done very easily with the help of an additional person as one can hold the bumper and then the other person can secure the clips.

Step 5

If there would be any other small holes in the new cover then there would be a need to screw in the bolts in the front of the vehicle and then along the wheel wells. Now once the bumper would be secured, then the wheel wells as well as tires should be reattached and then the car should be taken off the jack stands.