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Very few people are aware of this part of the car. But the fact is that this part plays a very important role. This part is known as the fender of the car. The fender of a car acts as the frame of the car wheels. It is the role of the fender to prevent water splashes or muds from getting thrown hither and thither as the vehicle moves with speed. The car fenders play a very important role in preventing people from getting injured due to the stone and particles from getting scattered when the car wheels pin over them. But in the attempt to stop the stones and particles from getting scattered, the fenders themselves get damaged. Under such condition the fenders require fender lining to repair the fenders. The car fenders are of two types- front fenders and rear fenders. The fender moulding is the slot on the body of the car where the fenders are attached.

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When the car moves with speed, the wheels rotate very fast. As the wheels rotate with high speed, a centrifugal force acts on the outer circumference of the wheels. Any object that comes in contact with the wheels gets flung with great force outwards. If the objects that get flung hit some person it might cause serious accident. Similarly if it hits some object, it might cause heavy damage. In order to prevent that, the cars are attached with fenders along the outer edge of the wheel cavity. Now fenders can be of different types. Front fenders, rear fenders, inner fenders, rear inner fenders, front inner fenders and passenger fenders. Depending on the type of vehicle and the design of vehicle the size and length of fenders are decided. The fenders not only help to protect the people outside the car but also help to protect the car itself.

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The fender plays a very important role in the engineering and beautification of the car. So it is very important that you be very careful when dealing with the fender of your car. If you need to replace fenders to the cars by your own, it is best that you understand that the fender you use is genuine and original. If the fender that you are using is not authentic and original, then there is a great probability that the fender might damage the vehicle and at the same time cause irritating noise problems. Therefore it is suggested that you genuine fenders from companies such as dorman, crown, spectra premium, bores, Sherman, rugged ridge, moroso and bores. With the attachment of the original fenders to your vehicle, it becomes possible to protect the vehicles and also the passersby. So be careful when replacing the fenders of your car.