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Very few people are aware of this part of the car. But the fact is that this part plays a very important role. This part is known as the fender of the car. The fender of a car acts as the frame of the car wheels. It is the role of the fender to prevent water splashes or muds from getting thrown hither and thither as the vehicle moves with speed. The car fenders play a very important role in preventing people from getting injured due to the stone and particles from getting scattered when the car wheels pin over them. But in the attempt to stop the stones and particles from getting scattered, the fenders themselves get damaged. Under such condition the fenders require fender lining to repair the fenders. The car fenders are of two types- front fenders and rear fenders. The fender moulding is the slot on the body of the car where the fenders are attached.

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When the car moves with speed, the wheels rotate very fast. As the wheels rotate with high speed, a centrifugal force acts on the outer circumference of the wheels. Any object that comes in contact with the wheels gets flung with great force outwards. If the objects that get flung hit some person it might cause serious accident. Similarly if it hits some object, it might cause heavy damage. In order to prevent that, the cars are attached with fenders along the outer edge of the wheel cavity. Now fenders can be of different types. Front fenders, rear fenders, inner fenders, rear inner fenders, front inner fenders and passenger fenders. Depending on the type of vehicle and the design of vehicle the size and length of fenders are decided. The fenders not only help to protect the people outside the car but also help to protect the car itself.

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Now that you are familiar with the different types and purposes of fenders it is essential to understand the role of the fenders. Apart from the primary role of preventing the scattering of unwanted materials here and there the fenders also has a great significance from the design perspective. The fenders play a very significant role in determining the aerodynamics of the car. With the correct fenders along the wheel, the aerodynamics of the vehicle improves. This helps to improve the speed, performance and the mileage of the vehicle. The fenders play a very important role in assisting the vehicle to cut through the air. As a result the car easily moves through the air with fenders attached.

The fenders also help to beautify the vehicle. Designer fenders help to make the car look beautiful. Fender flairs boosts the look of the car and at the same time provides facilities such as safety and aerodynamics. If you are planning to show off with the vehicle then it is best that you attach a fender to it so that you can woo your friends with your taste.

Another very important role that the fenders play is providing protection to the car’s paint job. When the stones, gravels and mud gets scattered due to the centrifugal force of the rotating wheel, there is a great probability that the dirt will affect the paint job just above the wheels. So it can be well understood that with the installation of the fenders, it is possible to prevent the distortion of the paint job. This helps to keep the looks of the car intact and well. Even if the paintjob does not get affected, the mud getting scattered all over the body spoils the looks. So it is best to maintain the fenders in well condition. Therefore you need to understand that for the proper maintenance of the car fender flares installation and other car body parts needs to be maintained properly. The body parts irrespective of the facet whether they are aftermarket body parts or not should be used genuine and authentic.