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Many a times while travelling, you might have suffered a car breakdown. The breakdown can be caused due to many reasons. But it is very important to get fixed. But getting a car fixed is not that very easy a job. For that you need to know all the details about the car. The details include the different parts of the car such as oil, oil changes, filter, gaskets, timing belt, wheel bearing, steering wheel, helicoil, adapters, camshaft, head gasket, pcv valve, timing, ignition coil, power steering, oil filter, power steering pump, coil spring and other parts. If you wish to save some money by doing the repair job all by yourself then apart from the above mentioned parts you also need to know about the master cylinder, camshaft position cylinder, valves, idle air control valve, oil filter wrench, steering, turbo kit, wiring harness, diagnostics, fram oil filter guide, grant steering wheels, snap ring pliers and different other parts.

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For repairing the engine just knowing the engine parts won’t be enough. There are very minute and complicated parts and segments in the engine that require special care and attention while repairing. Understanding the different significant parts is the key to flawless repair. For that the different parts of the engine constitute of the filters, gaskets, camshaft, head gasket, ignition coil, camshaft sensor, 7 pin trailer wiring, camshaft sensor, coil pack, motor oil, valve cover gaskets, valve cover gasket, valve stem, cylinder head and dipsticks. You must also be aware of the important tools and equipments that are necessary for the repair and restoration of the engine parts. These parts consist of helicoil kit, oil pan, spring compressor, accurate timing, brake bleeder kit, clock spring, coil spring compressor, headlight restoration kit, oil pressure gauge, timing light, oil cooler, oil pressure switch and trailer wiring harness in case of towing a trailer.

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While purchasing the different spare parts in order to repair your car, you must be careful to buy the different parts such as oil, oil changes, filter, gaskets, timing belt, wheel bearing, steering wheel, heli coil, adapters, camshaft, head gasket, pcv valve, timing, ignition coil, power steering, oil filter, power steering pump, coil spring from famous companies in order to prevent defects and issues that might rise in the future. The significant brands whose products are available in the market are ATP, Bosch, Dorman, Pennzoil, Fram oil filter, SKF, Cardone, EGR valve, Schrader Valve, Beck Arnley, Mr. Gasket, Timken Bearings, Marvel Mystery Oil, Fel pro gaskets. Every person on this earth loves his car. So once it breaks down, you definitely wouldn’t like to use substandard and cheap products as a replacement. But that does not mean that you have to pay prices that will bring freckles to your face. There are quite a few brand and companies in the market that provide good quality engine parts at a reasonable price.

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The engine of the car is the main driving unit of the car. The scientific term used for an engine of the car is internal combustion engine. The engine derives its driving power from the fuel which can be gasoline, diesel CNG or even kerosene in some cases. The reaction is done in such a manner that the fuel is compressed in the cylinder and then a spark is introduced. The compressed fuel gets ignited and it starts burning.

When the fuel combusts; it expands and the pushes the piston downwards. The piston is fitted to a flywheel through a crankshaft that rotates the flywheel which in turn rotates the wheels with the help of clutch and gear assembly. In order to bear up with the heavy load the engine has to be strong and sturdy. The flow of oil in the cylinder is controlled by pcv valves. The valve timings are controlled by timing belts. The cams for the opening and closing of valves are controlled by the camshaft attached to the timing belt.

For proper burning of fuel and delivery of power, the timing of the valve needs to be impeccable. In order to supply power to the spark plug an ignition coil is used. Apart from that there is the necessity of lubrication of the piston and the cylinder for smooth operation of the engine. The engine oil needs to be passed through the oil filter in order to supply clean oil to engine. This will help to maintain a good engine condition. The engine is composed of two main parts known as the block and the head. A gasket is used to prevent leakage of gases from the joint of the engine block and the head. Apart from the engine, other important parts of the car are the coil spring, power steering, wheel bearing and steering wheel and power steering pumps.