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All of you must have ridden some sort of vehicle. It is impossible that you have never ridden a vehicle in once your life. So, you will be familiar with the doors of cars. The doors of the cars are very important parts of the vehicles. The doors play the most important role of protecting the riders in the vehicle. The vehicles with the doors prevent the riders or the contents of the vehicle from falling off. So, it can be well understood that the car doors play one of the most important roles for the cars. The cars of different vehicles have different parts. Few parts that play significant role are door lock, door handle and door hinges. Additionally, there are a few parts such as the electric motors which lay active role for electrically operated doors. In case of cars with power windows, the window regulators also play active role in the car doors.

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Using the car doors is well understood. But there are many other safety factors that make the car doors so very useful. The door lock provided with every car door helps to prevent the car door from opening unwantedly. The door handles help to grab the door in the attempt to close the doors. The door hinges help the door to remain attached to the car body. Other than that, most of the cars have power windows for passenger comfort. These cars need window regulators to control the movement of the windows. Most of the windows used in commercial cars or vehicles are glass windows. However some high end vehicles have stylish doors such as the gull wing doors that require electric motor for the opening of the doors. These types of doors are automated and are mostly used in supercars. The door hinges keep the doors attached to the vehicles.

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