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How would you drive back home at night if you suddenly discover that your car headlights are not functioning? Driving at night can be very challenging specially without your car lights. Generally we take vehicle lights for granted until we discover that one of them has stopped working and we are unable to see the road ahead. It does not matter whether it is car headlights, head lamps, tail lights or signal lights. Lights and bulbs are essential components of a vehicle’s lighting system and we cannot imagine driving without them at night. In fact driving in the dark without lights is hazardous for both the driver and others on the road and could lead to an accident. Therefore you need to know what kind of bulbs are required for different lights in your car: headlight bulb, indicator bulb or turn signal bulb.

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Typically all vehicles come with a complex lighting system replete with electrical fittings and bulbs. All vehicles, whether it is a car or a truck are equipped with a host of lights and bulbs. There are lights in the front, rear, two sides and inside the car cabin and trunk. Each of these lights is fitted with a bulb. These bulbs come in various shapes and sizes. There are also different types of bulbs: incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs and LED bulbs to name a few. If you need to replace bulbs of your vehicle you will need to know what type of bulb has gone off and which one to replace it with. The car’s interior has interior bulbs, interior light bulbs, interior led bulbs and the trunk light. The exterior has license plate bulb, plate bulbs, signal bulbs, third brake light bulb, led replacement bulb, halogen bulbs, headlight bulb replacement, led tail light bulb, mini halogen bulbs and sylvania auto bulbs.

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Are you driving with dim car headlights at night? Are you looking for replacement parts for your vehicle’s lighting system? At PartsAvatar you can find the best brands, quality assurance and wide range of lights and bulbs for your vehicle. Whether you drive a truck or a car we have a wide assortment of bulbs and lights for your vehicle. Renowned brands and manufacturers include General Electrical - GE, Littelfuse, Dorman, Blue Streak, Hella and Sylvania. Some of the brands manufacture a wide collection of bulbs for your car’s needs. You can also get Sylvania bulb guide and GE auto bulbs.

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Generally we do not bother much about our vehicle lights until we discover that we are unable to see the road and that something is wrong with one of them. Whether it is the car’s headlamps or automotive tail lights or automotive bulbs, lights and bulbs are essential components of a vehicle’s lighting system and we cannot imagine driving at night without proper lights. In fact driving in the dark would be dangerous not only for passengers in the car but also for pedestrians and other drivers on the road. Therefore you will need to know what bulbs require replacement should you be faced with an eventuality. Different lights in your car require different bulbs like for example you may need a headlight bulb, indicator bulb, lamp bulbs, light bulbs, brighter bulb or turn signal bulb.

Although replacement of bulbs and lights is rather simple and easy it could be disastrous to ignore them. You could keep spares of replacement bulbs, lamp bulbs and replacement led bulbs in case you want to travel at night. To be safe check your car lights and car bulbs regularly to ensure that they are working properly. If you drive a heavy vehicle like a truck you will need to ensure that the truck lights, truck headlights, headlamp and their factory bulbs are working properly.

Remember that even if your vehicle’s automotive headlights, automotive headlamp, automotive light and automotive bulb are in a working condition you will need to replace them once in few years. This is because bulbs tend to become dim over a period of time and visibility becomes poor.

Older vehicles used incandescent bulbs but were soon replaced with Halogen bulbs. Although Halogen bulbs also undergo wear and tear they have several advantages. They last longer and are better in performance. Modern cars have replaced Halogen lamps with powerful LED lights that are more powerful and brighter. They are also faster in illumination. LED bulbs are easy to install and fit the size and shape of your vehicle’s original equipment. LED bulbs are also not affected by vibration and last a lifetime once they are fixed on your vehicle.