Everything About Car Spoilers You Need To Know

What Is a Spoiler?

An aerodynamic component which would be utilized in automobiles to decrease drag is known as a spoiler. The unfavourable air movement would be spoiled in the car by a spoiler across the body of a car that is in motion. The motion of the air which would be adverse is known as a turbulence or drag. The spoiler is called as air dams when it would be attached to the front of an automobile.

Where Is Spoiler Located?

The spoiler is generally situated on the back of a vehicle and it would be intended to stop turbulence or drag which has been created behind the vehicle.

Types Of Spoiler

Are you searching for the different types of spoiler? Then don’t worry! All you have to do is to have a look below and then all your doubts regarding its types would be cleared.


  • There are 4 types of car spoilers. The first one is the pedestal spoiler which is the most common type. Then the second type is the front spoiler and it is created so that it can lessen the drag which would be created by the rear spoilers. Now the third type of spoiler would be a lip spoiler, it is generally used for aesthetic purposes. Wings are the last type of spoilers. They are generally seen on race cars.
  • Spoilers are not present on all the vehicles, but there is a purpose behind their presence in the cars. Drag is lessened by the spoilers which would allow the vehicle to move very easily.

Material Used For Spoiler

Spoilers are usually made of lightweight polymer-based materials, including:


  1. ABS plastic - There are a lot of original equipment manufacturers which produce the spoilers by casting ABS plastic with a lot of admixtures, typically granular fillers, which would introduce stiffness to this inexpensive material. A main disadvantage of plastic is frailness as it would increases with product age and it would be generally caused by the evaporation of volatile phenols.
  2. Fiberglass - It is generally used in the production of the car parts due to the low cost of the materials. There is a fiberglass cloth infiltrated with a thermosetting resin, such as epoxy in the fibreglass spoilers. It is very durable as well as workable, but since it requires labour that is the reason why it has become unprofitable for large-scale production.
  3. Silicone - There are a lot of auto accessory manufacturers which are utilizing silicon-organic polymers. The main benefit of this material is its phenomenal plasticity. There are extra high thermal characteristics in the silicone and at the same time it provides a longer product lifetime.
  4. Carbon fiber - The carbon fiber is generally lightweight and at the same time durable, but it is also expensive. Now since it requires a large amount of manual labor, so that it the reason why carbon fiber cannot be used in the large-scale production.

Important Features For Spoiler

Do you want to know the essential features of spoiler? Then you have arrived at the right place. Have a look below to know the important features of spoiler:


  1. Well-Maintained Traction - A main advantage of the spoiler installation is that it has better maintained traction at high speed.
  2. Better Fuel Efficiency - The gas mileage might be increased by the front spoiler. The air would be pushed around the car which would reduce the drag. The amount of fuel which would be consumed by your vehicle would be lowered down by this process.
  3. Better braking stability - One of the main benefits of car spoilers is its increasing safety. The braking stability of the car with the raising of the downward force would be raised by its installation. There would be better braking performance even when the vehicle would be on high speed.
  4. Better visibility on the road - Another advantage of the spoiler is that they provide better visibility. It would be easy to recognize the car on the road which would have spoiler so that the other car drivers would have one more advantage of spoiler in terms of safety is better opportunity to react on your car's maneuvers.
  5. Decrease the car's weight - The weight of the car can be decreased by the spoiler. It might not be directly, but can be through its properties. The installation of the spoiler would allow the manufacturer of the car to decrease the weight of the vehicle by using for example lighter materials without concerning about the safety of the automobile. the car would be very steady on the highway because the traction would be increased by the spoiler.
  6. Sportive stylish look - A sporty and stylish look would be given to your car by installing a spoiler. There is a lot of variety of spoilers so you can choose any one out of those. They are available in various types of shapes, colours and materials of this device so you can easily find what you want to. There are some car manufacturers which already have pre-installed spoiler so that they can emphasize its sport purpose.

How Do Spoiler Work?

Are you searching how do the spoiler actually work? Then all you have to do is to have a look below and then you will be able to understand everything.

  • There are a lot of cars; from drag racers to sports cars to monster trucks carry various kinds of spoilers on them. There are some automobiles like Ferrari F1 cars, which have them front and back. Spoilers are present in the cars so that their grips can be increased on the road. The tires are forced down onto the pavement with the weight of the car. Now if there would be no spoilers, then the only way with which the grips of the tire would be increased would be by changing the compound the tire from which it was made up of. The only issue with increasing the weight is that it won’t help in turns, where there is a need of good grip. All the extra weight would be inertia, which you would have to overcome so that you can turn, so increasing the weight would not help at all. The way the spoiler would work would be like an airplane wing, but it would be upside down. It is the spoiler which would generate what is known as 'down force' on the body of the car.
  • One can readily see the advantages of this. Now instead of having a car which would be heavy, which is slow, or having a very light car, which can slide away easily, you can now have a car which would stick better the faster it goes. It would sound perfect, right? It is a catch.
  • Every time a lift would be generated by a wing, it would also generate a drag. It is a natural reaction of the fluid which would resist the motion through the car. Drag is bad as it would slow down the car. So that is the reason why down force would be good. But there would be too much down force, then too much drag would be very bad. The car designers try and then maximize this so that there is enough force for the cars so that they can get around the corners, but it should not be so much that they are very slow.

Purpose Of Spoiler

The main purpose of the spoilers is to increase the grip of the car on the road. If there would be no spoiler in the car, then the vehicle would turn heavier or the material which would be inside the tire would have to be changed. So, if you have a spoiler, then the vehicle would be lighter and easier to drive.

Tools Needed For Spoiler

Do you like repairing your car on your own? Thinking of opening up your own car body shop? It is a great business opportunity if you love cars and possess a good work ethic. Now if you want your shop to be successful, then you will require a combination of effort as well as car mechanic training. And of course, the correct equipment which would upgrade your speed as well as make your repair work easy. If you have the right tools, then you can easily meet the demands of today's car body structures. Here are some of the most essential tools which you might need to repair your Spoiler.


Top Brands For Spoiler

When it comes to vehicle owner’s choice, the brands really matter a lot. You might pay a premium for a specific car part brand, over time, as it has created a perception of quality, stability as well as trust. There are some leading car parts brands which are more than just products or services as they give rise to memories and emotions related with the quality. So have a look at some top brands for Spoiler.


Xenon Spoiler

Street Scene Spoiler

How To Change Spoiler?

Do you want to change your spoiler on your own? Then have a look at the steps of changing the spoiler below:

The look as well as the value of your car can be enhanced by an aftermarket spoiler. A spoiler looks a lot like a fin and it would appear to cut through the air as the car would move. It can then increase the handling ability as the aerodynamics of the car would be improved by it. The gas mileage can also be increased by it. An average looking car can be made sportier by it. Spoilers are generally available in a lot of shapes, styles and materials. The car spoilers can be generally made up of polyurethane, fiberglass and a lightweight metal. The cost of a new spoiler might range in price from one hundred to four hundred dollars as it all depends upon the style of spoiler you will choose.

Step 1

First of all you should wear your protective eyewear before you start doing the work.

Step 2

Then the next step would be to measure the trunk lid. A tape should be used to measure the length and the width of the lid of the trunk of your car. There might be a need to add in the dimensions of the underside bracing structure of the trunk lid.

Step 3

After that the next step would be to purchase a spoiler. Make sure that you take your measurements with you. You can always speak with a professional service person about your plans. Just make sure that the spoiler you would purchase is the one which would be manufactured for the make and model of your automobile. If there is a need, then you can always buy a universal spoilers but there would be a need to make a few more adjustments to the spoiler.

Step 4

Then the spoiler should be assembled. The wing brackets should be positioned of the spoiler so that they would fit together properly. A wrench should be utilized to tighten the bolts which would keep the brackets together securely.

Step 5

The location of the spoiler should then be marked. The new spoiler on your trunk should then be positioned properly which would face the right direction. Marking tools should be used to indicate the locations for the installation holes on the outside of your car trunk. The spoiler should then be taken off the trunk.

Step 6

Then the next step would be to mark the installation holes. A drill should be used to make a hole in the trunk, through the top as well as underside metal layers. Just make sure that you start with the holes which would be smaller in diameter. There would be a need of resizing for the holes which would be very large. Slowly the holes should be made larger as you would work until they would be the right size for the installation. A vacuum should be used to remove any scraps of metal from your car trunk.

Step 7

A sander should be used to smooth the hole edges. A coat should be applied to touch up the paint to the hole edges so that the rust can be prevented from developing. A vacuum should be used to remove any scraps of metal which would be there on the car trunk.

Step 8

Then it is time to install a new spoiler. You can take help from your friend in this step. The spoiler should then be positioned onto your car trunk again. The washers should then be positioned and then a wrench should be utilized to tighten the bolts which would secure the spoiler to the trunk. Just make sure to tighten each of the bolts with the same pressure. Now the spoiler should not move at all.

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