Learn All About Auto Bumper Lips

What Are Auto Bumper Lips?

Aerodynamics in road vehicles have been under the microscope for a long time and it has reached a point where the modern vehicles flaunt an aerodynamic shape while still retaining a beautiful and pleasing contour. A Bumper Lip is one such element that adds beauty and serves a practical purpose to every car that sustains it. They help reduce the airflow under the vehicle thereby reducing the drag experienced which in turn can help reduce fuel consumption to a certain extent.

Where Auto Bumper Lips Is Located?

The bumper lip is located on the front bumper‘s underside. Some bumper lips can also be made for the rear bumper and serve a similar function.

Types Of Auto Bumper Lips

The bumper lips or front splitter are essentially of two types based on their functioning:


  • Decorative - These are ornamental pieces that provide a lowered look to the vehicle and do not provide any significant performance enhancements and re usually made of plastic or fiberglass.
  • Functional - These are used for technical purposes to enhance the aerodynamics of the vehicle while also serving as a decorative piece. These are usually made of metals like aluminum or carbon fiber.

Important Features Of Auto Bumper Lips

A front bumper lip gives the car a lowered look. Not only does a front bumper lip reduce airflow and protect the front bumper from damage, but it also improves the aesthetics of a car. Bumper lips offer a degree of protection against a scrape on a parking block, speed bump, or curb. However, the level of protection depends on the lip material. The amount of airflow decrease, mileage increase, and protection the lip offers depends on its design and material. They are also referred to as a valance or a front spoiler or skid plate.

Frequent Problems With Auto Bumper Lips

The frequent problems associated with the Bumper Lip are mentioned here:


  • Due to their location, they are prone to a lot of damage on a regular basis with road bumps and parking lot mishaps, they sustain damage which otherwise the bumper would take. This is why they can get cracked and broken after prolonged usage.
  • The materials they are made of can dictate their longevity. Fitment of a bumper lip is hard which is why they are sometimes held on using cables that can snap if the bumper lip is hit.

Symptoms Of Bad Auto Bumper Lips

The devils in the details and this is certainly true for the bumper lip since this part is situated on the outside of the vehicle, they can be easily spotted in case of any damage it may have and give a very unsightly appearance. The knocked-up splitter may produce screeching sounds when it drags along the ground. The splitter can be visibly broken and a replacement bumper filler would greatly enhance the vehicle’s appearance.

Tools Needed For Auto Bumper Lips

To do a proper job you will require the following tools:


Top Brands For Auto Bumper Lips

You won’t have to think a lot while purchasing if you are already using a particular car part brand and are fully satisfied with it. There are a lot of people which trust a specific brand and would go with it once again with a minimum of thought. Here we have the best Bumper Lips brands to help you out in choosing your favourite one in case you don’t have any. So, what are you waiting for? Have a look below and choose the best brand for your Bumper Lips.


Putco Bumper Lips

Related Parts Of Auto Bumper Lips

To enhance the vehicle’s appearance and to produce performance gains get the various parts associated with Bumper Lips:


Total Costs & Repair Times, Effort For Auto Bumper Lips

The bumper lip takes a lot of road abuse and therefore can break or get dented, ditched or scratched up pretty hard so a replacement is always a better option than getting a lousy repair job done. Premium quality splitter is recommended as they need to be durable and light for attaining the best performance while also giving structural rigidity. An average bumper lip may cost around 200-350$.

How To Change Auto Bumper Lips?

The installation of a splitter is fairly easy and can be attempted by oneself. The first step to bumper lip installation is to remove the front bumper. Follow these steps for an easy installation guide:


  • Pop the hood and using a clip tool or straight head screwdriver remove the clips holding down the upper shield above the grille and the fender liner in the wheel well.
  • Repeat the process for the under shield or in some cars - the valance if the bumper is attached via the shield. If there are other visible bolts or clips holding it down then only undo them.
  • Now using a ratchet and socket undo the bolts holding the bumper to the frame and the bumper is ready to come off. The bumper is popped from the bracket under the fender.
  • Make sure to remove all electrical connections on the bumper like the fog light connections.
  • Now place the bumper above the splitter on a work surface and locate all the holes on the bumper corresponding to the splitter holes.
  • If there are no holes on the bumper then using a drill make holes in the bumper making sure the splitter location is properly aligned.
  • Once the holes are drilled, place the splitter on the bumper and assemble all the hardware including the bolts, washer, spacer and nuts.
  • Tighten the fasteners using a ratchet and the appropriate socket.
  • Make sure not to overtighten the bolts or it may cause a fracture in the splitter or the bumper.