Fuel Pump Module Assembly by BOSCH - 67307

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      Original Fit

      • Fitment on par with OEM
      • OE Quality Assurance
      • Exact Size & Dimensions

      Original Design

      • Identical Factory Design
      • Daily Commute Tested
      • All Weather Design

      Built to Spec

      • Exact Design Specifications
      • OEM Design and Functionality

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      Bosch Fuel Pump Assemblies are top-quality products made with the most recent technology and function even better than promised. It is made to meet or surpass strict industry standards and is ideal for your car and lifestyle. Bosch Fuel Pump Assemblies consist of Bosch's "Better than OE design" that enhances the simplicity of installation, the car's drivability, and lifespan. Its innovative turbine pump system reduces hot-start concerns and eliminates fuel pulsation and noise. Bosch Fuel Pump Assemblies are built to last a long time while using little fuel and operating at high temperatures.

      Features & Benefits

      • Bosch Fuel Pump Assemblies are constructed and tested to the same exacting quality standards as OE fuel pumps to ensure a long, dependable service life
      • Patented turbine pump technology eliminated fuel pulsation, and noise, and decreased hot-start issues
      • Designed to function at high temperatures and with less fuel while having a long service life and performance
      • Bosch Fuel Pump Assemblies undergo "end-of-line" function testing to provide the highest quality


      The Automotive Aftermarket Division is responsible for the supply, sales and logistics of automotive parts for servicing vehicles, the sales of workshop and vehicle accessories.

      BOSCH's Warranty

      On Reman Alternators & Starters the warranty is 24 month. Those Alternators & Starters has lifetime warranty whose part number ending in "N" this is applicable on non-commercial passenger vehicles. Lifetime warranty for spark plug wire sets.

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      From the manufacturer

      Robert Bosch created Bosch in 1886 in Germany. It was once recognized as a workshop specializing in mechanics and electrical engineering. By 1897, Bosch was well-known for its magneto ignition in automobiles, which was later enhanced by producing a spark plug-based system. These advancements cemented Bosch's status as a global automotive industry leader. Around a century later, Bosch is still a well-known name for automobile components all over the world.

      Today, Bosch offers a comprehensive choice of replacement automobile components, as well as an automotive aftermarket segment with associated repair shops in the United States and across the world. It is also expanding its product portfolio. This enables it to contribute more to the automotive sector by consistently providing exceptional goods and services to its consumers. With its comprehensive knowledge of fuel injection technology, Bosch established itself as the gold standard for fuel system components. It offers components with superior performance and durability for automobiles, trucks, and other commercial or industrial applications.