Car Service Tools

You have arrived at the Automotive Service Tools section of, your 1-stop shop for all your repair tools & equipment needs. We have a wide variety of Automotive Service Tools related equipment (such as Wheels & Tires, Front-end Suspension, Engine Service, etc.) to help you select the components you are looking for. If your shopping cart is valued at over $100, then we will ship your ordered parts for free, almost anywhere across Canada!

Our expert staff is available on chat as well as on phone during regular office hours, to help with any questions or enquiries you may have. If you need any further information regarding Automotive Service Tools or need any related items, our staff is here to guide you all the way. You can place your orders on our secure site using PayPal, credit cards or even order parts by telephone. Orders are placed immediately and you will receive your processing status, confirmation and updates by email.

Car Service Tool Categories

Battery Service

Brake Service

Bushing, Bearing & Seal Service

Cooling System Service

Def Service (diesel Exhaust Fluid)


Engine Service


Front-end & Suspension

Fuel & Diesel Injection Service

Heat Tools

Lock-out Tools

Transmission, Power Steering & Differential

Wheel & Tire Service

Please make a selection for your Automotive Service Tools specific part from the listed subcategories Wheels & Tires, Front-end Suspension, Engine Service, etc. Alternately, you can simply type in your part number (such as “ATD-5664”) or part name (such as “Oxygen Sensor Wrench”). For automotive tools, you can additionally select your car make and model from the available menu at the top. We supply a wide range of hand tools, power tools and equipment ranging from wood work, construction, electrical wiring, plumbing, garage and auto repairs to backyard and outdoor work.

Find Top Car Service Tool Brands

PartsAvatar brings your low price tools & equipment without compromising on brand quality. Our tools are sourced from popular and leading brands such as ATD, LISLE, OTC, SP TOOLS, MUELLER KUEPS, GEAR WRENCH, SUNEX, etc. Our quality Automotive Service Tools items are handpicked to ensure we have only the best manufacturers in each line of tools and equipment. Now you never have to choose only one – cheap tools-part or a top quality tool. You can have them both, some of our tools and equipment also come with extended warranties, better than on OEM parts!