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Whether driving a car by day or night one cannot underemphasize the importance of automotive lighting and automotive led lights, consisting of car headlights, led lights (led headlights and led taillights), headlamps, tail lights, daytime running lights, fog lights, brake lights, auto fog lights and projector beam. All parts such as headlamps, led headlight kits, auto headlights, replacement headlights and replacement headlight assembly have an important role. Lighting is not only critical during night but also in winter when visibility is poor. Modern car headlights, like signal, parking or running lights form part of the design of the body and today a variety of lighting like LED car lights, halos and projector beams are on offer. Projector lights provide not only better illumination but also safety and visibility while driving. So next time you drive check all car lights: headlights, headlight bulbs, taillights, brake lights, auto lights and led lights for cars:

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Automotive lighting typically includes a wide range of lights and light fixtures ranging from driving lights to led lights and led bulbs, beam headlights and high beam headlights to led interior lights and interior bulbs, exterior led lights, tail lights, dome lights, trailer lights, off road fog lights, off road led lights and license plate lights. Auxiliary lighting like tail lighting fog lights, auto head light parts, auto tail light parts, off road fog lights, auto fog light parts and fog light kits, and headlight components are more valuable during winter. It is both a safety hazard and an offence if all your obligatory lights (headlights, taillights, side marker lights, stop lights and rear number plate) are not working especially at night. Always ensure that all your light fixtures such as headlamps, taillights assembly, signal lights, beam lights and bulbs (fog bulbs, interior bulbs and license plate bulbs) are functional before you hit the road.

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To meet your car lighting requirements PartsAvatar have a wide range of high quality popular brands: Hella, Anzo, Putco, Lumen, Sylvania, Sherman and Tyc. Popular brands are: Spyder for led, led headlights and led fog lights, Lumen for lights and daytime running lights. Anzo, Halo, Sylvania, Plaa, Wagner, Dorman, Euro, Vision X and Lumen for headlights and tail lights. For neon license plate frame: Plasmaglow and Hilltes for flex led lights. Other brands include Recon chrome led tail lights and Recon projector headlights, Spec d black u bar projector led headlights, Spectras headlight and Spectras replacement bulbs, Putco led dayliners, Sylvania headlight replacement bulb and IPCW mega led. Check the functioning of all automotive lighting before you start driving at night. All these brands provide quality products online and at an economical price.

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Driving at night or during inclement weather like dense fog can be challenging. Ever noticed how challenging it is to drive on a highway with cars zooming past in the opposite direction with high intense level headlights or flood beams on? Even though visibility is reasonably good sometimes drivers forget to switch off their floodlights and thereby reduce visibility for cars travelling in the opposite direction.

Hence nobody can deny the importance of automotive lighting and its different uses. It has often been observed that many drivers also use high intensity rear lights when they are really not required for example in moderate rain or mist. The key is to use them when visibility is poor or drops below 100 metres.

Equally important is to check the headlight lens and headlight covers, tail light covers and tail light socket, led backup lights, interior lights, headlight bezel and overall vehicle illumination specially when travelling long distance or in inclement weather. You may like to carry the headlight restoration kit, the brake light switch replacement or the headlight switch replacement and led backup lights.

In fact it is a legal offence not to have all obligatory lights functional. Therefore, it is imperative to check the functioning of all lights while someone is operating the switches from within. These include headlamps, both main and dipped beams, direction indicators, side and tail lights, stop lights, rear number-plate light, reversing lights, fog lights – front and rear – long-range driving lights and hazard warning lights!

Modern cars offer choice by way of good-looking lights and high-tech illumination. They use a variety of bulbs and fixtures like U bar headlights, custom tail lights and fibre optic tail lights etc.

Check the lenses and wipe them regularly to ensure visibility. If a lens is damaged or cracked stick it with adhesive tape until you can replace it. Damaged lenses need to be replaced at the earliest as they can lead to corrosion of the connections and the bulb.

In case of trouble in any electrical component of the car you should check the electrical circuit. You will find it useful to keep a circuit tester in the car for conducting electrical tests.

The lighting circuit is usually the simplest but the electrical wiring in a car is far more complicated and contains many interlinking and branching circuits. Although the car wiring is colour-coded it is not a standardized colour code. Hence you will need to refer to the individual car handbook or manual to know the details.