Flat Wiper Blade by ANCO - A22M

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    Daily Driver
      Original Fit
      • Fitment on par with OEM
      • OE Quality Assurance
      • Exact Size & Dimensions
      Original Design
      • Identical Factory Design
      • Daily Commute Tested
      • All Weather Design
      • Treated at OEM Specifications
      • Corrosion Prevention
      • Reduced Wear Activator

      Product Information


      Anco Profile beam blades are engineered with an infinite amount of pressure points for better blade-to-windshield contact and all season performance. Anco designs low profile wiper blades keeping the aerodynamics in mind that offers decreased lift, low noise and a smoother, quieter wipe. Beam blades have less moving parts and no superstructure that prevents ice or snow to collect on them. Anco Profile beam wiper blades feature patented Articulated Contact™ Technology that prevents flexing and ensures a uniform pressure distribution on the curved windshields today. Anco Profile beam wiper blades provide increased blade-to-windshield contact with the help of several pressure points. These blades feature Anco's patented KwikConnect® installation system that makes Anco Profile the premium upgrade beam blade replacement and can also be used for vehicles originally equipped with a conventional style blade.

      Features & Benefits

      • Anco Profile beam blades are made from an exclusive rubber compound that provides a consistent streak-free wipe
      • Unique spoiler provides superior blade-to-windshield contact
      • Anco Profile beam blades feature a KwikConnect system that provides quick and easy wiper blade replacement
      • Symmetrical spoiler allows easy installation on vehicles with opposing wiper arm systems
      • Patented articulated contact technology provides superior blade-to-windshield contact


      For nearly a century, the ANCO family of premium wiper blades has been the leader in replacement wiper blades, refills, washer pumps and wiper arms, keeping your family safe with a clearer view of the road ahead. Our full-line of wiper blades utilize exclusive designs and materials, and are engineered with the latest technology to ensure a clear streak-free wipe in any driving environment.

      ANCO's Warranty

      Anco provide 30 days of warranty.

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      From the manufacturer

      For over a century, the ANCO® collection of premium wiper blades has been the industry leader in replacement wiper blades, refills, washer pumps, and wiper arms, keeping your family safe by providing a better view of the road ahead.
      Their wiper blades are created with the latest technology and use distinctive designs and materials to offer a clean streak-free wipe in every driving situation. ANCO provides the most complete coverage for all sorts of vehicles for the greatest and safest visibility, from passenger cars to commercial vehicles, conventional or profile-style wiper blades.

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