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One of the best 3-row Luxury SUV is the Acura MDX which is quite the looker and will save you major bucks during and after the buy. The MDX is a premium crossover offered in two powertrains, one with three electric motors for enhanced performance and handling characteristics along with a 3 litre V6 under the badge - Sport Hybrid and the standard engine is a 3.5 litre V6 able to create 290 HP, 31 HP less than its electric offering. Both available in FWD and SH-AWD(Super Handling-AWD) with a greater lean towards AWD which handles better while drinking less fuel. A luxury SUV with a hybrid system that works and comes from the makers of the NSX, the Acura MDX is one of the most well thought out vehicles in the luxury SUV segment fulfilling its ambition of being an actual sport utility vehicle, with exciting handling and impressive power deliverance. Even considering the base model with its nine-speed transmission does not lack in power and can handle the occasional step on the pedal. The cherry on the pie has to be the pricing that undercuts all its European and Japanese competitors making it the obvious choice of buy.

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