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Loved across the globe for its aesthetics, the Acura ILX is a luxury sedan packed with outstanding features Boasting the famous legacy of withheld Honda Civics along with a magnified look that highlights a Diamond Pentagon grille and accents in bodywork styling the Acura ILX maintains the in-line 4-cylinder engine that has proved its reliability time and again by churning out 201 HP along with an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that can be controlled via paddle shifters or left in 'Sports' mode for added efficiency and sound improvements. Being one of the only vehicles offering plenty of features and an NHTSA 5-star ranking, it is offered at a price unrivaled by its rivals. Undeniably, the Acura ILX embraces the idea of a luxury sedan, with a tinge of a sports sedan, to offer a long-lasting product maintaining its resale and brand-value.

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We have got it all for your Acura ILX, be it roof racks, wheels, replacement parts, or performance parts. Priced moderately, we have also equipped premium quality lift kits, transmission parts, suspension parts, automotive lights, rims, and steering parts for your Acura ILX. In order to get your hands on it, all you gotta do is search for your specific car part from the given search menu such as “Acura ILX Exhaust” etc. When on a shopping spree for you Acura ILX, you needn’t spend hours choosing one product and compromising on quality due to heavy price tags. Also, all the parts come with specific brand warranties. Equivalent to the Acura OEM parts, you can find parts from leading manufacturers such as Beck Arnley, Littlefuse, Raybestos, Dorman, etc.

Find Solution to Frequent Acura ILX problems

Here, we have listed a few common problems faced in Acura ILX with handy and affordable solutions:

  1. Acura ILX Engine Failure - This issue arises due to overheating or dirty oil (usually contaminated by coolant or bad circulation). Whenever an engine seizes, the heat and pressure of the pistons are fused like a weld against the cylinder walls. Warning signs include an illuminated check engine light, loss of power, fall in gas mileage, engine stalls, and a rough run.  Browse our website to get your hands on premium quality Acura ILX engine components.
  2. Acura ILX Steering Problems - Often, drivers face the issue with the steering of the car such as getting pulled in one direction or locked steering while reversing are commonly noted. All you need is a proper check for alignments and faulty parts. Browse the website for Acura ILX steering systems.
  3. Acura ILX Fuel System Problem - This problem arises because of issues with the fuel filter, fuel injector, fuel pump, and other components. Often, under load, the fuel demand is increased due to a clogged filter which further reduces the optimum flow. As the fuel filter gets dirtier, it further hampers the operations of the fuel pump. Browse through to get your hands on premium quality Acura ILX fuel delivery systems and components
  4. Acura ILX Brake Problems - Brake problems with Acura ILX include squeaking noises that arise due to contaminated brake fluids and problems in the master cylinder and worn-out brake pads and brake lines as well. Check out PartsAvatar for premium quality Acura ILX Brake Parts
  5. Acura ILX Suspension Problems - Issues in the rear and front shocks arise due to excessive leakage which leads to destabilizing the drive and difficulties in handling. Other signs include pulling to one side while driving, bumpy ride, one corner of the car sitting low, and difficulty in handling the steering. Browse PartsAvatar for premium quality Acura ILX suspension parts.
  6. Acura ILX AC/Heater Problems - Sometimes, you might notice A/C stinking in your Acura ILX or a damaged condenser, or an A/C blowing only on the passenger side. This should be taken as a sign for prompt replacements. You can get all the required Acura ILX Heating and Air Conditioning parts at PartsAvatar at the best prices. 

From different Acura makes, PartsAvatar has a loaded inventory of superior quality auto parts and components that are needed for Acura ILX at unimaginable prices. We also offer free shipping on orders over $75. So just in a click, you can get your hands on a comprehensive range of OEM parts for your Acura ILX such as replacement parts, body parts, accessories, etc. Whether it's a new model or an old Acura ILX, we can help you keep it new!