Top Auto Repair Trends in 2022

The automotive repair and maintenance industry is constantly going through shifts, and staying on top of the changing tides is an important part of being a conscientious car owner. You have a better chance of getting the best service for your car at the best price if you stay informed about current auto repair industry trends. 

We’ve put together this guide on service industry trends so you can stay up to date this year and know how to best approach getting your car serviced or repaired. We’ve also included some handy tips for maintaining your car, which is important when it comes to knowing how to save on repairs in the long run.

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Auto Repair Industry Trends: Length of Car Ownership

The average length of cars owned by their drivers has increased by around 60% in the last ten years, which means some interesting things for the repair and automotive industry as a whole. In the past, the average length of time for car ownership was around 7 years, while today it’s around 11 years, which is a sign of increased quality in cars along with a lack of motivation to buy brand new. 

One can only deduce that this also means more people are opting for servicing and repairs rather than deciding to scrap their cars altogether. With new cars featuring so many high-tech features, the price tags have risen dramatically, which may deter owners from purchasing new ones.

Auto Repair Industry Trends: The Online World Is Growing

More and more commonly, car owners are opting to source aftermarket parts and services through online channels rather than through visits to traditional auto shops. The option to order your parts online is something that’s grown in popularity, especially since the pandemic, and even now that Covid seems to be calming down, the trend seems to be here to stay. 

Along with the sourcing of parts through online channels, people are organizing their physical servicing through online channels more and more. With easy access to reviews and ratings online, it’s easier to compare the quality and prices of different body shops, meaning that car owners have more autonomy in their selections.

Auto Repair Industry Trends: Dealerships Are on the Rise

One of the most notable shifts in the aftermarket industry in this day and age is the shift from local car service shops toward taking cars directly into the dealership. This is again due to the increase in highly technological elements being used in the cars of the modern day, with digital and intelligent systems being commonplace even in the more accessible vehicles available on the market. 

This trend is actually the cause of some controversy regarding how it relates to the Right to Repair movement. In the past and present, there have been government policies and union agreements in place to ensure that independent parties have access to the information and technologies needed to properly repair vehicles and other pieces of technology. However, with the rise in high-tech car operating systems, the policies and agreements can’t keep up with the technology, and car manufacturers are less happy than ever to hand over the information. This is contributing to the shift toward dealership servicing rather than independent shops.

Auto Repair Industry Trends: Summed Up

One could argue that the automotive repair market size is shrinking, with independent aftermarket venues being absorbed by larger conglomerates and the traditional body shop being under threat by dealerships due to the technology in newer cars. Also, repair shops are being visited less frequently as a result of repairs and replacement parts increasing in quality, meaning that one trip will last longer than it would in the past. All of these factors, coupled with the increase in the online sector, are changing the future of automotive service. 

Despite this, it’s worth noting that emerging markets are likely to cause some increase in the services required in some parts of the world. Things like e-hailing and car-sharing services are becoming more common, meaning that wear and tear will also grow in commonality, meaning services might be required more regularly by many cars. Along with all of this, many industry experts theorize that 2030 will be a year of massive disruption for the automotive industry, but no one is exactly sure what this will look like yet.

Quick Tips for Car Maintenance

Scouring the web for auto repair for less can be a headache, as can taking a car in for servicing for a problem that you don’t quite understand. We’ve put together a quick list of car maintenance tips so you can save money on repairs moving forward

  • Read the guide: Cars generally come with maintenance guides that explain how and when to perform checks. It’s tempting to throw the guide in a drawer but use it. It will come in handy. 
  • Shop Around for the Best Tires: Don’t just put any tires on your car. Shop around to find the best quality for the best price, as this will increase the longevity of your wheels and car.
  • Know the Standards: Before you take your car in for maintenance, you should be aware of the average service prices. Along with this, try to make sure that they’re not suggesting unnecessary work to bleed more money out of you. 
  • Check Your Oil Level: Checking the oil level in your engine is essential. If you wait until it's too late, the costs could be enormous.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that the automotive repair industry is changing dramatically and rapidly. Make sure to stay up to date with technological advancements, shop around for the best rates, and follow our maintenance tips to make sure you don’t spend too much on repairs!

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