A Guide To Upgrade Interior Car Parts

Top Interior Upgrades To Make Your Car Look Better

Engine upgrades and body modifications make great conversation pieces, but when you drive, the experience is determined by the features inside your vehicle. Upgrading the interior of your car is solely for you that improves comfort and your driving experience. Thankfully, it is possible to improve the aesthetics of your car and its interiors to make it look as good as new without spending a lot. You can give a personalized touch to the interiors and spice up the looks of your vehicle.

Car companies and aftermarket brands put a lot of effort and R&D resources into the interior designing of their products. They have come a long way from their rudimentary designs to advanced equipment and comfort elements that enhance your driving experience. There are infinite ways of improving the interiors of your vehicle. In this article, we will address how to uplift your car interior and list out some of the really useful aftermarket elements that will improve the looks of your vehicle.

1. Seat Covers

The first and the most common step to enhance the interior of your vehicle is to upgrade your seat covers from regular fabric or faux leather seats to genuine leather seats and add a premium look to the cabin. Apart from offering good looks, seat covers also protect the seats from future abuse and keep them in good condition. They protect the factory seats from mud, dirt, sweat, ]/ and rough use especially if you have pets, kids or you occasionally transport heavy cargo.  Seats occupy the maximum space and contribute a lot to the interior of the vehicle. Therefore, changing the color and fabric of your seat covers can significantly upgrade the look of your vehicle. You can choose from a wide range of colors and materials to enhance the interior of a luxury vehicle.


2. Floor Mats

Along with seats, the floor mats are one of the most visible components in the vehicle's cabin. Replacing your car's floor mat is a very simple way of rejuvenating the interior of the vehicle without spending a lot of money. Apart from its aesthetic functionality floor mats also shield the floor panels of your car from dust and water. Floor mats today are engineered with advanced materials and intelligent designs that offer the best protection by trapping dirt and debris. 

Floor mats can be removed and replaced very easily. They are available in an assortment of textures, materials, and colors. Get rid of the old mats and select a new material of your own choice. You can choose from carpet, rubber, or vinyl material according to the style you wish to provide to the vehicle's cabin. Refer to our comprehensive guide to choose between floor mats and floor liners and gather the necessary information that will help you make a wise choice in purchasing one for your vehicle.


3. Interior Lights

To enhance the overall ambiance of the interior of your car you may also want to install interior lights. Changing the interior lights is cheap and a great way to accentuate the cabin and add a bit of color. You can install LED lights and LED strips under the dash and the seats. LEDs are offered in various colors to choose from and can be matched to give a similar look to the exterior paint of your vehicle. You can also change the factory-fitted lights like dome light, glove box light, console light, step & courtesy light, etc. Illuminating the cabin can also help in locating a misplaced object. Adding interior lights is a little modification, but it goes a long way in uplifting the interior of your car.


4. Steering Covers

Car designers today pay a lot of emphasis on steering design and color as it plays an important role in the interior aesthetics of a vehicle. Just like the seats, the steering wheel can also be incorporated with covers to make them look better. Other than enhancing the looks, steering wheel covers also improve grip and comfort while driving. It is a good idea to match the steering wheel cover to the upholstery for a coordinated appearance. Steering wheel covers are a very cheap modification and you can choose from different materials and colors according to your preferences and the desired look.

5. Cargo Liners

SUVs, crossovers, and minivans are versatile vehicles because you can take the family to a park or carry luggage and cargo in them. Hauling cargo, equipment, pets and heavy luggage can take its toll on the cargo area. Therefore, it is important to have good quality cargo liners installed and they need to be replaced if torn or damaged as it can affect the looks of the vehicle. You can also change the existing cargo and trunk liners with new colorful ones to improve the aesthetics of the cargo area and uplift the interior of the vehicle.


6. Phone Mounts

Using the cell phone while driving is not a good idea and we are aware of that well-established fact. But people still continue to ignore this rule and use their phones while driving to attend calls or to navigate. Your phone can divert your attention while driving leading to an accident. A simple solution to this problem is to use a phone mount or holder. Using a phone holder can come in very handy to attend calls and navigate while driving and they keep your hands free. Even though it's a cheap modification, it considerably adds to the looks of the car's interior and is incredibly functional.


7. Handbrake, Gear Knob, and Pedal Covers

Replacing your gear knob or getting a cover for it is a great way to change the interior look of your car. Similarly, you can change the look of your pedals and handbrake levers. These parts occupy a very small percentage of the interior elements but are frequently used for controlling the car and undergo a lot of wear. Therefore, to avoid them from wearing away quickly and prolong their life, one can go for aftermarket covers for them that are available in various colors, shapes, and materials. Some car enthusiasts also prefer to design their own 3D printed and unique knobs and levers for their vehicles. These components are very easy to modify and can really change the appearance of the cabin. It is important to notice that you choose the ones that do not compromise your grip as these components control your vehicle and it is very necessary that you have good control over them.


8. Infotainment Units and Screens

Another impressive feature of modern cars and what people like to add to their old cars to improve the aesthetics of the cabin is an infotainment screen. It is an intuitive multimedia display nestled in the middle of the dashboard. A plethora of aftermarket options are available that you can choose from to replace the rudimentary OEM units. They are offered in various sizes and features and significantly uplift the dashboard and overall look of the interior of a vehicle. DVD screens can also be incorporated in the headrests of the front seats or can be mounted to the roof of the car. They keep the passengers out of boredom and add to the overall premium appearance of the car.

9. Stereo System

If you are a music enthusiast, this is a must-have accessory. The stereo systems provided by the manufacturer may not be that great and upgrading them can make the music in your car sound better. People love their cars with good sound systems and advanced infotainment units that work in conjunction with these speakers. A good stereo system is a must-add if you cannot bear the daily commute. Apart from enhancing the sound quality of your music system, these speakers also uplift the interiors by their design and the colors they are provided in.

10. USB Sockets and Cable guides

It is fascinating how USB sockets have become such an important entity with the advancement and our dependence on smartphones and other electronic devices. Nowadays USBs are used as a source of power to charge your gadgets and aftermarket USB sockets and chargers help you charge and plug in multiple devices. These sockets are strategically designed to fit in the factory console without harming the aesthetics of the dashboard. Multiple charging slots and gadgets give rise to another problem called wires which can dangle around the steering wheel and the gear lever. Cable guides solve this problem by keeping things neat and organized by routing the wires in a precise way. These small modifications help you keep the interior of the vehicle neat and functional at the same time.

11. Interior Vinyl Wraps

A cheap and non-permanent way to spice up the interior of your vehicle is to vinyl wrap the desired parts of the dashboard and other components. Just like the exterior vinyl, interior vinyl can also be used to wrap the trims inside your vehicle. They can also be paired with the color of your vehicle to create a uniform look. It is a simple modification that can pop up the overall appearance of the vehicle's cabin.

Modify your vehicle's interior by visiting PartsAvatar and choosing from a range of products and aftermarket accessories. Check out our website and order quality parts at affordable prices if you wish to customize your car to your desired look and uplift the interior of your car. If you are looking for ways to improve the exterior of your car, you can refer to our comprehensive exterior guide and the ultimate car modification guide that illustrates the best ways to modify your car today. Apart from just making your vehicle aesthetically pleasing, you can also opt for some effective methods to boost engine power and match your vehicle’s performance to its new looks.

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