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A Sway Bar Link prevents the car body from leaning too much and keeps the vehicle stablewhen driving in turns. Most of the cars have one sway bar in the front and another separatesway bar in the rear suspension. Some cars have only one sway bar in the front suspension.Sports cars have thicker sway bars for better stability when cornering. A sway bar is connectedvia rubber bushings to the car body or frame in the middle. Outer ends of the sway bar areconnected to the parts of the vehicle suspension that hold the wheel (struts or control arms).The part that connects the outer ends of the sway bar to the suspension component is called asway bar link. In most cars a sway bar link has two small ball joints at each end. ManufacturerLike Mevotech, Moog, Beck Arnley are the leading brands for suspension parts.

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Sway Bar by Moog


Durable, long-lasting suspension products from MOOG(r), the Official Steering and Suspension of NASCAR(r)
Featuring problem-solving innovations for long life Quiet , long-lasting dependability and performance
Bolt Style
* MOOG bolt style sway bar links feature problem-solving innovations for longer life and easier installation
* Features unique Bushings that are molded to center the coated washers into place, making it easier to install
* Uses a 1" barrel lock nut that can easily be threaded on , even if the bolt end is ush with the washer
Socket Style
* MOOG engineered steel composition results in a stronger component
* Problem Solver powdered - metal gusher bearing design enable grease to go through the bearing to the stud for reduced friction and enhanced strength and stability
* Sealed boot keeps the internal components free from contamination
* Greaseable Socket Design allows new lubricant to flush contaminants from the assembly, reducing corrosion and wear
* Wrench Flats at the base of the stud allow for a positive hold and the use of sockets for quick and easy installation and removal
Quick-Look Benefits
* Innovative
* Pre-installed integral boot for long life
* Durable
* Zerk fittings enable servicing, extending service life
* Safer
* Forged and hardened materials for strength
* Easier
* Wrench flats allow for easy installation